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Tony Hinchcliffe Wife: Meet the Spouse of Comedian

Tony Hinchcliffe Wife

Tony Hinchcliffe Wife

Tony Hinchcliffe is well-known for his comedy and his followers are interested to know about his wife. We shall talk more about Tony Hinchcliffe’s personal life in this post.

Who is Tony Hinchcliffe’s Wife?

Charlotte Jane is the wife of Tony Hinchcliffe. When Tony originally claimed to be married in 2015, his audience did not believe him. In 2017, he uploaded a photo of himself and Charlotte Jane clutching an engagement ring to announce their engagement.

Tony Hinchcliffe & Charlotte Jane show Their engagement ring

Are Tony Hinchcliffe & Charlotte Jane Still Together?

Both of them stopped posting pictures of one another on social media, which raised many concerns about the current state of their relationship.

Hinchcliffe last wrote about his wife in January 2018. Many people assume that the two had already broken up as a result. In addition, if we look through Mrs Jane’s Instagram, we will find pictures of her with another man.

On February 14, 2023, Charlotte posted a picture of the two having fun at the beach. She wrote in a caption, “I am the luckiest girl.” 

The couple hasn’t revealed much intimate information online or in public about their marriage. There has always been confusion because Tony hardly ever discussed his marriage in public. Tony and Charlotte haven’t worn rings in photos since late 2018 and up to now.

It’s unclear if the couple is still legally wed or not. No one has made any references to or hints at their impending divorce.

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Why is Charlotte Jane Famous?

She rose to fame after marrying the illustrious comedian. Her status as the famous Australian racer Bob Jane’s daughter is another well-known fact about her. She is one of the three kids born to Bob and Laree Jane.

Charlotte Jane is an Entrepreneur. She has a Depop profile. The Depop app allows users to buy and sell products. On Depop, Charlotte sells carefully chosen products. She has traded a variety of items on the app, including slippers, jeans, blouses and other items.

Charlotte Jane

Tony’s wife Charlotte seems to be both an Instagram influencer and a model. She served as one of the cover girl models for the Maxim magazine. By browsing her Instagram, we can notice that she has posted a lot of pictures of herself.

Does Tony Hinchcliffe Have Any Past Relationships?

Tony has already been connected to a number of ladies. His most illustrious and well-publicized relationship, though is with UFC fighter Joanna Jedrzejczyk. Several times during their talk, he even referred to her as hot.

Fans started shipping the two together as soon as Joanna uploaded a photo of them together on social media in 2016.

As of yet, this much is revealed related to his personal life. When we get any information we will share it with you. You can follow our Twitter account and check out our latest posts related to the personal life of other stars.

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