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Kris Tyson Divorce: Is He Split up From His Wife?

Kris Tyson Divorce

Kris Tyson Divorce

Kris Tyson, a well-known YouTuber and video creator known for his affiliation with Jimmy “MrBeast” has recently generated a lot of discussion within the YouTube community.

The current state of Kris Tyson’s marriage and his spouse’s identity are topics of much interest. So, in this post we will read about his divorce.

Did Kris Tyson Divorce His Wife Katie?

Kris Tyson has been married to Katie Tyson. Their marriage appears to be having some issues and it’s possible that they are even going through a divorce or separation.

Chris’s appearance has undergone substantial modifications, as noted by his fans. Kris tweeted on March 28, 2023, that he and his wife “Katie” had separated and were “finalizing things.”

They also asked their followers not to ask them about their marital status in the subsequent tweet, expressing their desire to maintain their privacy on the matter.

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Does Kris & Katie Tyson Have Kids?

Kris Tyson Family

The couple had posted pictures of themselves together on social media before getting married in 2018. Kris and Katie are the parents of one kid. Their son “Tucker” was born in June 2020.

Both of them have been spending a lot of time with their child. You can see their kid in a post provided below:

Why did Kris Tyson Change His Name?

According to the 27-year-old YouTube sensation, hormone replacement therapy “saved his life”. The YouTube celebrity, who is best known for her appearances alongside MrBeast, revealed during an appearance on Anthony Padilla’s show that she had changed her pronouns and the spelling of her name from Chris Tyson to Kris Tyson.

Kris told:

“I am a woman! She/her, I’ve never said that publicly, but I’ve been fully confident in that decision for over a year now.”

The 27-year-old said that after beginning hormone replacement medication in February, Tyson was completely able to accept herself. Kris had long hair at the time and was more open about being a woman. Tyson explained:

“I wasn’t quite sure who I was yet, but I knew I was not cisgender. So I needed the freedom to be able to express myself and be able to figure out who I was, For a while, I was trying gender fluid. I was like, What is making me feel like I’m bi-gender? What is tying me to this masculinity?”

“After a lot of talking with a therapist and a lot of self reflection, I realized it was really just this societal pressure of, You’re Chris from MrBeast. You’re the guy that starts the fires. You’re the guy that builds the stuff. My whole life I’ve enjoyed doing those things, but I’ve never really felt like the guy.”

After this a fan tweeted “Bro w_f happened” along with two images of Chris on April 7, 2023. The clothing Chris was wearing and the way their hair was arranged in the two pictures were noticeably different.

Chris retweeted the tweet and added the message “HRT and it’s only been 2 months.” HRT stands for hormone replacement theory in this situation.

While some people were initially incensed by Chris’ disclosure, most people were thrilled that he had shared this significant life update.

In a different tweet, Chris stated: “I was super nervous to be public about this bc I’ve always been so private when it comes to this, but seeing conversations started bc of me is amazing.”

In response to one of Chris’s tweets, Nolan Hansen, a member of MrBeast’s crew, wrote: “Holy smokes, I’m proud of you.”

As of yet, we have that much information related to his personal life. When we get any latest information we will share it with you.

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