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Was Jimmy Fallon’s Show Cancelled After the Allegations Against Him?

Jimmy Fallon's Show

Jimmy Fallon's Show

James Corden and Ellen Degeneres were the first two talk show hosts to be terminated and now Jimmy Fallon, the reigning champion of late night is joining them.

After many anonymous staff members came forward with claims of mistreatment on the set of his long-running program “The Tonight Show” Starring Jimmy Fallon, there is a question among fans whether the show is cancelled or not.

Did Jimmy Fallon’s Show Cancel?

The Tonight Show presenter and stand-up comedian Jimmy Fallon has recently faced criticism after his crew opened up about what it was like to work with him.

14 former employees and two current ones spoke out in a Rolling Stone exposé published on September 7 about the “toxic” work atmosphere and Jimmy’s unpredictable conduct.

The employees said that The Tonight Show has allegedly been a “toxic workplace” for a number of years with a high-pressure environment and “erratic” conduct from the host.

The crew members revealed complaints of working in a “pretty glum atmosphere,” where they allege they were intimidated by their superiors and Fallon himself. The show has had nine showrunners during the past nine years.

Seven people claimed that the alleged workplace environment had a detrimental effect on their mental health. The guest dressing rooms allegedly became places of solace for those outraged by their alleged treatment that it became usual for staff members to refer to them as “crying rooms,” according to the complainants.

Jimmy Fallon

Some of the ex-staff members said they left the program for their mental health, while others admitted they had been sacked. But it is not yet confirmed whether the show is cancelled or not.

Jimmy Fallon has apologized to his crew after several former and current employees said he had created a “toxic” work atmosphere at “The Tonight Show”.

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