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What Happened To Alex On TikTok: Why He Got Arrested?

What Happened To Alex On TikTok

What Happened To Alex On TikTok

Alex Danyel, better known by his TikTok username Youcantfindalex, was reportedly detained after a foot chase with the police ended in an argument. Despite the possibility of a ban in the United States, the number of stories surrounding your favorite creators on TikTok is certain to increase.

YouTuber Youcantfindalex (actual name: Alex Danyel) has accumulated around 700k subscribers through a combination of comedy videos, special segments on his younger brother, and muscle-focused films. The rumor that Alex had been arrested the following day began circulating on April 10, 2023, leaving supporters concerned about the fate of the creator. To know details about what happened to Alex on TikTok you can scroll down the full post.

What Is The Real Identity Of Youcantfindalex?

The real name of YouCcantfindalex is Alex Danyel. Youcantfindalex may not be charged just yet, even though he led police on a chase and was ultimately captured. Many recordings, though, showed the TikToker being led away from his home while cuffed.

Alex has had previous run-ins with the law. He was apprehended in October 2022 after being found in possession of a stolen U-Haul vehicle. The city of Los Angeles was the scene of the crime.

Youcantfindalex, who entered the world in October 2016, is well-known for his lip-sync videos and short-form work. He only started expanding his TikTok community in 2021, however he joined the social media scene in 2018. He was born in Arizona and has a younger sibling with whom he frequently collaborates when making movies for the site.

His sisters’ names are Olivia and Sophia, and he has two of each. However, he rarely features them in his videos. Alex’s career began on Vine and was launched to great success there. After its demise, however, he quickly became a viral sensation with only a few of videos on TikTok. The 2019 TikTok Creator of the Year award was another one he took home.

What Happened To Alex On TikTok?

TikTok videos depicting the alleged confrontation between Alex and Phoenix, Arizona, police officers began appearing shortly after the event. When police arrived to stop a group of people from performing doughnuts in the street, a red Corvette sped away. The video claimed that a driver had led police from Mesa, DPS, and Phoenix on a chase across the whole valley.

The driver of the Corvette collided with a police cruiser in Phoenix, the report said, before the car was disabled by spike strips.

Another upload to TikTok shows the influencer walking out of his house backward before being placed in handcuffs by a Phoenix police officer.

Not for the first time in recent memory has a popular TikToker run afoul of the law enforcement authorities. It was reported in October that QCP was apprehended in Los Angeles while operating a stolen U-Haul vehicle.

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Why Was Alex Taken into Custody?

Alex On TikTok

Although no formal statement regarding his charges has been published as of yet, multiple law enforcement agencies worked together to arrest Youcantfindalex, including the FBI, local police, and U.S. Marshals. The precise charges brought against Youcantfindalex and the evidence presented against him must be ascertained by waiting for the official announcement from the authorities.

Disclosure of this nature will shed light on the situation and assist in quelling rumors. Youcantfindalex’s social media profiles had been under close FBI surveillance for some time while they investigated his possible involvement in the crimes. The media has paid close attention to his detention because of the potential legal ramifications and because it has sparked debates about the influence of social media on contemporary criminal activity. To know more details you can join us on our Twitter account.

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