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Desperation Road Movie Release Date Confirmed: Get Ready For More Action!

Desperation Road Movie

Desperation Road Movie

A new American action-thriller movie titled Desperation Road will star Mel Gibson and Garrett Hedlund. It was written by Michael Farris Smith and will be directed by Nadine Crocker. It is based on Smith’s book of the same name.

When Will Desperation Road Movie be Released?

Desperation Road movie will be released on October 6, 2023.

Russell Gaines (Hedlund), a former prisoner who is trying to put his life back together after getting out of jail, is at the center of this dark and dramatic story.

Russell asks his father, Mitchell (Gibson), for help to do this and start down a new road. But when Maben (Fitzgerald) comes into Russell’s life, things take a dramatic turn. As their story goes on, they end up on the run and realize that their survival rests on learning to trust each other.

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Desperation Road Trailer: Who Will Appear in the Movie?

The first trailer for Lionsgate’s upcoming drama film Desperation Road, directed by Nadine Crocker, features Academy Award winner Mel Gibson, Garrett Hedlund and Willa Fitzgerald. You can watch the first trailer for the movie and the official synopsis below:

After Continue, Desperation Road is Crocker’s second movie as a director. Michael Farris Smith wrote the story himself. He has also turned some of his other books into movies, like Rumble Through the Dark (which will be called The Fighter) and Blackwood which are both in post-production right now.

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