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Is Piper and Lev Still Together in 2023? The Truth Unveiled!

Piper and Lev

Piper and Lev

On YouTube, Lev Cameron and Piper Rockelle is a well-liked couple. Fans have been wondering if the couple has broken up and in this post, we’ll find out the truth.

Will Piper and Lev remain partners in 2023?

Yes, Piper and Lev are still together in 2023. On May 2023, Lev shared an Instagram post with the caption, “Happy 3 years to this beautiful young lady right here.” This post confirms that the couple is still together.

Why did Fans Think The Couple is Split up?

Couples now frequently publish pictures and videos on social media that showcase the best aspects of their relationships. Couples have used platforms like YouTube in particular to share travel videos, Q&A sessions and other content.

On July 20, 2022, they shared a video on YouTube titled, “Did we break up?” providing some insight into their relationship to their audience. By reading the caption of this video, some fans think that the couple split up.

However, they responded to a number of questions from their fans during the entire video. Given how adorably in love they appeared to be in the YouTube video, their relationship is still in perfect condition. If they had ever engaged in a real fight is one of the questions they were asked.

Piper and Lev

They acknowledged that they had occasionally engaged in minor disputes but never physical fights. The videographer interjected to add that he thought Piper and Lev were fairly equal. The pair was asked a third question regarding their fondest joint memory.

Before the cameraman added another comment, Lev briefly racked his head. He revealed some information regarding a group trip they had taken to Myrtle Beach. Lev finally said that his first kiss with Piper was his favourite memory.

Piper and Lev were seated very next to one another in two seats while the YouTube video was being recorded. Most of the time, they showed pleasant body language by leaning inward toward one another. It doesn’t appear that this YouTube couple will split up any time soon.

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When did Piper and Lev Start Dating Officially?

Khmelev and Rockelle grew friends after they joined the The Squad YouTube channel. Even though they had become closer while collaborating on pranks and other YouTube videos, they didn’t start dating in earnest until 2020. Khmelev asked Rockelle to be his Valentine in February 2020.

Piper and Lev

In May 2020, Khmelev finally made things official with the publication of the video “Asking My Crush to Be My Girlfriend On Camera.” They were able to bond profoundly thanks to their friendship, which developed as a result of their participation in challenges and team YouTube films.

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