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Is Drew Sidora Dating Ty Young? What Did Rasheeda Frost Say About it?

Is Drew Dating Ty?

Is Drew Dating Ty?

Ralph Pittman and Drew Sidora are said to have filed for divorce in the early months of 2023. Fans’ interest and worry have been aroused by the revelation that Drew Sidora is dating Ty Young. In this post, you will read about her relationship.

Is Drew Sidora in a Relationship With Ty Young?

As Season 15 comes to a close, the teasers have alluded to the bombshell claim that Drew began dating former WNBA player Ty Young just as things with Ralph started to go apart.

Is Drew Dating Ty

In the normal world, we wouldn’t blink an eye if someone moved on soon after their marriage ended. But what makes this story one of Drew’s oddest yet is the fact that she has spent the entire season battling tooth and nail against ever kissing a woman.

It’s not clear whether Drew Sidora is currently in a relationship or not. When we get any official confirmation we will share it with you.

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What Did Rasheeda Frost Say About the Relationship Rumors of Drew & Ty?

The rapper and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta actress “Rasheeda Frost” has offered her opinion on the romance between Drew and Ty. She claims that there is a relationship developing between the RHOA star and the former WNBA player.

Rasheeda spilt some huge tea on Drew in a recent episode of Page Six’s Virtual Reali-tea podcast. Rasheeda was questioned regarding the Drew and Ty cheating allegations because she is a close friend of the RHOA community. She didn’t in any way dispute them.

Have a look at the below tweet which is related to the discussion of Drew & Ty’s relationship.

Before stating that she tries to stay out of other people’s lives Rasheeda teased, “Obviously, there’s some vibes going on.” We Housewives fans can’t help but be curious in Drew’s private life.

Although Rasheeda acknowledged that there is “vibing going on” it is still unknown exactly how Drew and Ty’s relationship works. By the end of the year, will they be exchanging vows or will they remain platonic friends? Rasheeda clarified that she only wants them to be content in any case.

Rasheeda shared:

“All I say to people is, ‘Listen, life is short.’ We could wake up tomorrow and it could be something going on out of all of our control and you want to be happy at the end of the day, And I think what everybody’s goal should be is to find that happy space.”

Rasheeda is correct; everyone ought to discover their happy zone. However, we also want to hear Drew debunk these rumours. Maybe she can strike the appropriate chord between transparency and enjoyment.

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