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Mike Donahue Obituary: Final Goodbye to Beloved News Anchor

Mike Donahue Obituary

Mike Donahue Obituary

Former Portland newscaster Mike Donahue has passed away at 77. His family confirmed the news of his death in a Facebook post.

What is Mike Donahue’s Cause of Death?

He fought pancreatic cancer for a long time and passed away while surrounded by loved ones. His friends are sharing their tributes towards him on social media. Jenny Hansson said, “So sad to learn of Mike Donahue’s passing. He was a legend at KOIN and I was so fortunate that I got to anchor with him for several years.”

Matt Brode wrote, “Heaven got one of the most genuine and nicest people I’ve ever crossed paths with tonight.”

Fred Stewart posted, “He’s always been an excellent representative of Portland. A very nice man. Condolences to his family and everyone.”

Pat Boyle said, “RIP, Mike Donahue. You were a class act in a cut throat business. I didn’t know you; but, I always admired you. God speed.”

Mike’s trip back to his childhood home in Albany, Oregon was filmed by KOIN in “Mike Donahue’s final broadcast” in the weeks leading up to his retirement. Hilltop, his childhood neighbourhood was a place he hadn’t been since he was a young lad. He said:

“I remember the first TV we got was right there, where that chair is, I would sit there on my knees and watch the test pattern waiting for the very few television shows to come on.”

Later, he made a stop at the one-room school he had attended as a child, Colver Ridge and then went to the location of Donahue Motors, where his father’s Studebaker business had formerly been.

Mike Donahue Obituary

Since Mike was born in 1946 and the dealership was constructed in 1946, his father inscribed “1946” in the cement. Even so many years later, that date was still readable. At the last destination, Albany High School, Mike started crying as he described how his life had changed. He said:

“This is the high school which was the transformation point in my life. I wanted to be a professional athlete but didn’t have the talent. Finally realized that when I tried out for the baseball team my sophomore year and I was cut.”

Mike also made his first significant news announcement at Albany High School on November 22, 1963. Mike said:

“The day that John F. Kennedy was shot I was around the corner in the speech room and somebody came in and said, ‘The president’s been shot’ and nobody believed him, So I ran here into the student body offic and I had a transistor radio in my bottom drawer. I turned it on and ran back in there and confirmed it that the president had been shot. Wow!”

In 2012, he announced his retirement on a midday program, marking the end of his tenure. He said:

“Everybody eventually retires, everyone who works. And because we’ve developed this relationship over the years I’ve reached that milestone and I’m announcing that I’m retiring today.”

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Our condolences are with his family and friends. You can also share your tributes towards him in the comment section below. If you want to get more posts related to these kinds of topics you can follow us on Twitter.

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