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Is Tom Oar Still Alive? Debunking the Rumors Surrounding His Life

Is Tom Oar Still Alive

Is Tom Oar Still Alive

The typical viewer can pick up a lot of useful information from the History Channel series Mountain Men. If you have even a passing interest in things like hunting, tanning, trapping, and tracking in the woods, then Mountain Men is the show for you.

The fantastic advice and abilities presented on the show are only part of its appeal. Tom Oar is one of the show’s most popular characters. Is Tom Oar still alive? Read on for the latest news about the retired rodeo cowboy!

Is Tom Oar Still Alive?

He is, in fact, still among the living. Tom Oar became famous after appearing on the reality show “Mountain Men,” which followed him as he lived a tough and independent existence in the mountains.

Tom Oar, who was born in Rockford, Illinois, in 1943, has always loved being outside. His excellent father influenced him to develop his talent for stunt riding. By the time he was 15, Tom was exhibiting his skills and passion for the outdoors at local rodeo shows.

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What Happened With Mountain Men Tom Oar?

Tom Oar

The 70-something-year-old had considered retiring from hunting in Montana’s isolated Yaak River Valley and moving on to warmer climes. In particular, it was said that he and his wife, Nancy, had decided to relocate to Florida.

Fans may rest easy, though, because it looks like that option was scrapped. Tom and Nancy are still braving the Yaak River Valley’s cold winters to participate in Mountain Men’s newest season. In the debut of Season 11, we saw Tom and Nancy making plans for a lengthy winter. In Episode 2, Tom and his colleague Sean McAfee set out to establish their winter trap line, but miles of difficult terrain proved too much for even the seasoned trapper.

Tom Oar’s Time With the ‘Mountain Men’ Will End Soon

Tom Oar has had quite an interesting life, what with having spent half of it as a rodeo star before heading out into the wilds of the Yaak River. He thinks he was born about 150 to 200 years too late and that his way of life isn’t for everyone. He knows he’ll have to stop doing it at some point.

Tom gave an interview to American Cowboy and alluded to his impending retirement—a 30-foot chain, an old Dodge pickup, and Nancy and I. We can’t keep going on like this,” he finally conceded. I warn Nancy that someday, she will find me dead and spread out on the fleshing block.

Take a look at the below tweet about Mountain Men:

We think Florida could be a better option. New episodes of Mountain Men featuring Tom air on Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on the History Channel and may be viewed on-demand or streamed via the History app.

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