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Sarah Young Disease: What Type Of Illness Does She Have?

Sarah Young Disease

Sarah Young Disease

A health update on Sarah Young can be found in the post What Happened to Her, Anyway? You can take your time reading through each section by scrolling down. If you’re in a rush or want to jump to a certain section, you can use the table of contents to get there quickly. This will take you straight to the area that provides the required data immediately.

After all these years, many people are still curious about Sarah Young disease.  What we know so far about Sarah Young’s illness is outlined here.

Despite a history of New York Times bestsellers, a large number of speaking engagements, and such early interest in her most recent works that early print runs had to be expanded, Sarah Young does not yet have a significant public profile.

The author of the wildly successful Jesus Calling devotional remained in Perth, Western Australia, where she and her husband Steve served as missionaries for the Presbyterian Church in America (October) when Thomas Nelson released Jesus Today and the Jesus Calling Bible storybook.

Sarah Young’s Journey as a Reformed Conservative Christian and Missionary

Sarah is a conservative Christian who adheres to the Reformed doctrine. She earned her master’s in biblical studies and counselling from Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis. She and her husband, Stephen, are both members of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), where Stephen serves as an ordained preacher.

Stephen and Sarah are still working as missionaries for the PCA’s World Mission.  Sarah devotes much of her time to spiritual pursuits, including Bible study, prayer, and memorization. She thinks a lot about her readers and regularly prays for them.

You can also take a look at recent post updated by Sarh Young:

Sarah Young’s Sacred Writings are her reflections when devoting time to reading the Bible, praying, and keeping a notebook. Over 35 million copies of the book have been sold so far.

Sarah Young’s Current Health and Sickness Status

Perhaps most remarkably, Ms. Young has built a successful brand without participating in nearly any promotional activities related to her books or giving interviews. Lyme disease and other health issues force her to stay at home. There are hardly any images of her available online, and she also refuses to be reached by phone.

Despite getting “intense and expensive therapy” during her six-month stay in the United States in 2009, during which she was diagnosed with two Lyme disease-related infections, Sarah’s condition did not improve.

Take a look at the tweet below about Sarah Young’s Lyme Disease:

And for years, he’s been experiencing constant vertigo. These trials informed Jesus Today, which, like his first three devotionals, presents Jesus’ teachings in the first person. Jesus Calling, written from the author’s journals and published in 2004, has sold over 5 million copies since its inception.

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Now that her sickness has been treated, Sarah Young is back to full health. Since then, related novels like Jesus Lives and Dear Jesus have sold over 6.5 million copies combined.

Jesus Today has 150 devotional pieces, each of which is two pages long and features a quote about hope. Illustrations by Carolina Farias accompany devotions written in the same style as the original book for adults but with simpler language. You can also join us on our Twitter account.

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