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John Begeny Obituary: How did “If You Lived Here” Co-Host Die?

John Begeny Obituary

John Begeny Obituary

We announce the departure of John Begeny, a close colleague and co-host of “If You Lived Here” with heavy hearts and great grief. He was well-known for his outstanding character in addition to his achievements in the field.

What is John Begeny Cause of Death?

John Begany died on August 22, 2023, after a battle with cancer, according to a Facebook post provided below.

John had a special sense of humour that made others around him smile and his enthusiasm for life was contagious. He was the co-host of “If You Lived Here” and the Executive Director of Multimedia Fundraising at WETA and he gave his all to his job there.

Outside the studio, John’s enthusiasm for life was evident. He appreciated each moment and showed us the beauty of everyday pleasures. His zest for life extended beyond work; he delighted in life’s small pleasures and made every occasion feel festive, no matter how routine.

John Begeny

John was a source of inspiration while he was around. His warmth and generosity had no limitations and he made a lasting impression on everyone who came into contact with him. He created a welcoming environment by making everyone feel seen and appreciated.

Our hearts and prayers are with John’s family, friends and loved ones during this difficult time. His exceptional character was demonstrated by his capacity to find hope even in the most hopeless circumstances. His coworkers and everyone who had the honour of knowing him were inspired by his tenacity and an unshakeable spirit. 

Wendy Matson Bergonse posted after John’s death, “I am utterly heartbroken, A piece of my soul has left this earth. What will we do without him?? John Begeny, I love you more.”

As we said goodbye to our cherished colleague, John Begeny in the peaceful early morning hours, we were overcome with sadness. We remember the man who profoundly impacted our lives in innumerable ways with sorrowful hearts. His legacy endures as a testament to bravery and tenacity, nevertheless.

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