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Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Disability: Did She Suffer From Any Disease?

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Disability

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Disability

Actress Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio is from the United States. Her breakthrough role came in the 1983 movie Scarface as Gina Montana, the sister of Al Pacino’s character. She made her Broadway debut in the 1980 revival of West Side Story.

The disability of Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio is a topic of interest. In this post, you will know about her struggles.

Did Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio have any health problems?

The renowned actress Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio is alive and healthy as of 2023. Some fans think that she is suffering from a disability. However, the misconception came because of the namesake of her mother, “Mary” who spent most of her adult life dealing with the incapacitating effects of rheumatoid arthritis.

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

The autoimmune and inflammatory disease rheumatoid arthritis often known as RA causes the immune system to target healthy cells in the body resulting in inflammation in the affected areas. The disease predominantly targets the joints, frequently affecting many joints at once and producing excruciating pain and agony.

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio’s childhood was impacted by the difficulties of witnessing her mother battle the constant repercussions of this ailment. Naturally, there may have been a misunderstanding about the actress’ health due to the relationship between her name and her mother’s handicap.

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Frank A. Mastrantonio and Mary Dominica both of Italian ancestry, welcomed Mastrantonio into the world in the Chicago suburb of Lombard, Illinois.

Her father was the owner of a bronze foundry. She attended the University of Illinois to study acting after being raised in Oak Park, Illinois. She spent her summers working at the theme park Opryland USA to pay for her education.

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