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What Happened To Pope the Barber? Tracking Down the Truth

What Happened To Pope the Barber

What Happened To Pope the Barber

Because of TikTok’s prominence in modern culture, we share a special connection with its stars. Even more so than on Instagram, TikTok gives us a glimpse into the intimate lives of these Tiktokers, allowing us to feel like we really know them.

This makes the loss of a beloved figure more personal than a famous person’s death. The late Adonis Beck, also known as Pope the Barber, had 116,000 TikTok followers when this was written, and their adoring supporters felt this way. Why did this occur? The current state of knowledge is as follows.

What Happened To Pope the Barber?

After becoming popular on TikTok for their hair tutorial videos, Pope the Barber’s content shifted to include more “vibes” until their untimely death on Friday, August 10, 2023. Video blogger, Joseph Morris tweeted, “Adonis Beck was found dead inside a tent in San Diego on Friday morning, and the body was identified on “Thee Unidentified & Unsolved” on Facebook.”

The condolences began flooding in shortly after, with Adonis’s ex-girlfriend Lisa contributing a particularly poignant one. The words “My heart is shattered…” appear first in the post’s caption. You were my closest confidant, my one and only, my soul mate. A crucial item I’d been lacking.

Lisa eloquently concluded her caption by saying, “Life made sense with you.” The love and brightness you brought into the world touched millions of people’s lives. I’ve never met someone like you before—a truly remarkable human being. Our time together is something I will always treasure. Sorry for the delay in saying, “I love you and miss you.”

Here is the post that Pope The Braber girlfriend shared:

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When did Adonis Beck Pass Away and Why?

The official cause of Adonis’s death has not been revealed however fans have speculated that an overdose was to blame. Andy Lander also quotes those close to Adonis as saying that they’ve been anxious and depressed ever since the breakup with Lisa. Authorities will conduct an autopsy to determine the cause of death, it is reported.

God rest you, Adonis Beck, Pope the Barber. We pray that you have found the solace your spirit deserves.

Fans Paid Tribute To Pope The Barber On Twitter

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