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Is Stephen A Smith Leaving First Take or Not? Truth Revealed

Is Stephen A Smith Leaving First Take

Is Stephen A Smith Leaving First Take

Stephen A. Smith is a sports journalist, sports radio host and a sports television personality from the United States. Following rumours that a new era has begun, many worry Stephen A. Smith has sensationally resigned First Take. But before making any assumptions, understand the situation fully.

Does Stephen A. Smith Plan to Leave First Take?

Fans noticed that Stephen A. Smith, who usually appears daily on ESPN’s First Take was missing for the majority of July 2022. The outspoken analyst explained (in a post) to his followers the cause of his temporary absence from the broadcast.

Smith has been absent from First Take while on vacation and his followers have been making fun of the length of his vacations. On Wednesday’s, August 16 broadcast, Russo also dropped a bombshell that made viewers fear for his future.

Russo said at the start of the show:

“A new era of First Take has begun. There’s no more Stephen A. It is me and a rotation of hosts. We begin today and take it the next five or six years. We will do this show the way it is supposed to be done.”

According to host Molly Qerim, Smith will appear on the program and is still present. Russo laughed and said:

“Is he really? Who made that decision? I make editorial decisions from now on. Out.”

Qerim replied:

“You might be here more, but not quite yet.”

Despite what Russo says, Smith is on vacation and still works for First Take. The NBA coverage on ESPN has undergone a lot of adjustments this season. During the 2022–2023 season, Smith appeared on the network as an analyst.

He’s also back on NBA Countdown with Malika Andrews as the co-host. The sportscaster spends much time online participating in First Take while juggling NBA assignments and his regular duties.

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