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What Happened To Melvin Franklin of The Temptation?

Melvin Franklin

Melvin Franklin

David Melvin English also known by his stage name “Melvin Franklin” or the moniker “Blue” was a bass vocalist from the United States. From 1960 through 1995, Franklin was most recognized for his work as a founding member of the Motown singing group The Temptations. But we are saddened to share it with you that he passed away.

When did Melvin Franklin Die?

On February 23, 1995 at the age of 52 The Temptations’ bass singer “Melvin Franklin” passed suddenly. Many people attended his burial and Smokey Robinson paid tribute to Franklin by singing the song “Really Gonna Miss You.”

Melvin Franklin

The Temptations miniseries later reenacted this moving homage. Melvin Franklin was laid to rest at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills neighbourhood.

In February 2013, The Temptations member “Melvin Franklin” was posthumously given a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in honour of his contributions to music. In addition, as a member of The Temptations, he was inducted into the Rhythm and Blues Music Hall of Fame on August 17 of an unspecified year.

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What is the Reason behind Melvin Franklin’s Death?

While recording the album “For Lovers Only” in January 1995, he was dealing with health problems. During the recording sessions, Franklin and the other band members saw bleeding from his ankle on his sock. He was therefore transported home to recuperate.

Franklin slipped into a coma on February 17, 1995 and remained unresponsive. Unfortunately, Franklin’s condition deteriorated and at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center he eventually passed suddenly from heart failure.

Franklin’s condition was made significantly worse by diabetes and other medical issues causing substantial neurological damage, according to hospital spokesperson Ron Wise.

Melvin Franklin

In 1998, Melvin Franklin was represented by actor D. B. Woodside in the biographical miniseries “The Temptations.” Franklin’s passing was not accurately portrayed in the miniseries, though. Franklin’s death was depicted in the program as happening outside the kitchen, close to his mother’s home.

Due to the recentness of Franklin’s demise and the sensitive nature of the subject for Otis Williams, another member of The Temptations, as well as the producers of the miniseries it was decided to portray an erroneous depiction of his death.

Melvin Franklin

Even today people are loving Melvin Franklin and share their tributes. One user wrote, “Melvin Franklin’s death in The Temptations made me cry so hard. He was so unproblematic.”

Another user tweeted:

“Melvin Franklin’s death in the temptations is so sad I cry every damn time & Otis Williams crying dosent make it any better like he had to bury his bestfriend, breaks my heart every time.”

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