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Big Meech Wife: Is He Married in Real Life?

Big Meech Wife

Big Meech Wife

Big Meech, whose real name is Demetrius Edward Flenory Sr., was born on June 21, 1968, in Detroit, Michigan. He got the nickname “Big Meech.” Now, with the STARZ TV show BMF starting, we’re learning more about Big Meech and his life.

Black Mafia Family tells the true story of two brothers named Terry Flenory and Demetrius Flenory also known as “Southwest T” and “Big Meech” respectively. As many viewers are curious whether Big Meech has been married, because the new series focuses on his family and kids.

Who is Big Meech’s Wife?

Big Meech has never been married in his real life. Following the premiere of the reality series BMF, there have been rumours that his wife was Tonesa Welch, who claimed to be the first lady of the BMF.

Big Meech

Big Meech has never been married, according to Tammy Cowins CEO of BMF Entertainment who also refuted the rumors. Tammy said:

“Meech has never been married… There’s never been a woman to be a FLENOOY besides Miss. Lucille and their kids. So at the end of that day, that’s who gets the recognition as being the “First Lady” of BMF.”

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Big Meech is not yet married, but he has a son.

Who is Big Meech’s Son?

“Lil Meech” who plays Big Meech in BMF is Demetrius’ son. Lil Meech is a musician and actor with 445,000 followers on Instagram and goes by the handle @lilmeechbmf. You can see the Lil Meech in the post provided below:

Who is the Mother of Big Meech’s Son?

Latarra Eutsey is an African American woman who is claimed to be Big Meech’s baby mother. Due to her friend Troy, Eutsey was introduced to Big Meech at a car wash. In 2000, the couple welcomed a child.

Latarra Eutsey’s life and her kid’s were wholly overlooked in the first season of the popular TV show BMF, which would have been an ideal opportunity to know much about her.

Sadly, not much is known about her other than her Facebook account. With images of her and Lil Meech on the BMF TV program premiere day, the story seems sincere enough. Lil shared a post on Instagram which is related to his mother.

Although we don’t know the exact year the relationship began, we can assume it did so sometime in the 1990s. The couple must have been together during Demitrius Flenory Jr.’s pregnancy and early years.

We think the connection may have ended in 2005 when Big Meech was arrested, because none of them has publicly acknowledged it.

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