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Kirsten Storms Weight Gain: Is She Pregnant In Real Life?

Kirsten Storms Weight Gain: Is She Pregnant In Real Life?
Westerners love ABC soaps. General Hospital is famous on the platform. The show’s cast is well-known. What about Kirsten Storms? Soap opera fans recognize her. Two movies have featured the American actress. After playing Maxie Jones in General Hospital, Kirsten received a 2009 Daytime Emmy nomination.
Despite her appreciation, social media is full of speculations about the actress. Fans are now interested in Kirsten Storms Weight Gain. Her weight has been criticized in specific photos—her weight gain journey.
kirsten storms weight gain

Kirsten Storms Weight Gain

General Hospital always makes headlines. The show also allows fans to watch its cast. Kirsten Storms has been in the media sometimes. As Kirsten Storms Weight Gain worries fans, the 39-year-old may be pregnant. Maxie Jones was pregnant onscreen in 2021.
Her fans guessed Kirsten was pregnant without proof. Kirsten looked much heavier recently. Her pregnancy stories went online. Despite reports, certain media outlets have stated that Kirsten Storms is not pregnant. The supposition was unfounded. Thus, Kirsten Storms’ weight gain may have had another cause.

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Did Kirsten Storms Gain Weight Because Of Any Kind Of Medicine?

Storms had to leave General Hospital in 2011 because she had endometriosis. Jen Lilley filled in for her temporarily, which was a shame. But she only came back for a short time because her doctor told her to take a break.
She wasn’t just sick physically; she also had problems with her mind. She became hooked on antidepressants after being told she had bipolar disorder. She talked about how taking the medicine made her gain weight. So, things got complicated for her because she was born in Florida and was dealing with mental and physical sickness. It caused Kirsten Storms to gain weight in some way.
In another way, Kirsten shared a photo of herself in a mirror on Instagram. But the comments area was full of negative comments that didn’t make sense. A few people said mean things about how she looked and how much weight she had gained. The same thing happened with another Instagram post she made. The user said that the picture was not current and that she had gained weight since then. The actress was troubled by the repeated comparisons. So, she was quick to answer.

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