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Is Olivia Leaving General Hospital? Stay or Go?

Is Olivia Leaving General Hospital?

Is Olivia Leaving General Hospital?

ABC’s show General Hospital has been a long-standing soap that has remained popular despite changes. The soap’s success comes from its many talented actors, but sometimes, due to the large cast, some characters get less screen time.

One such character is Olivia Falconeri Quartermaine, played by Lisa LoCicero. Fans might be wondering if her reduced screen time means she’s leaving the show soon.

Lisa LoCicero’s character, Olivia, was last prominently featured on General Hospital in August 2022 during a conflict with Nina over a hotel share. Lately, she hasn’t been seen much on screen, which might disappoint her fans.

Is Olivia Leaving General Hospital?

However, there’s some good news! Lisa LoCicero shared a selfie on Instagram, hinting at an exciting role on CSI: Vegas. She mentioned being in a trailer and wearing nail polish. Could this mean she’s leaving Port Charles to join the cast of CSI: Vegas?

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Is Olivia Leaving General Hospital?

Lisa LoCicero has made a name for herself with remarkable roles in various shows, including One Life To Live and Loving and The City.

But her portrayal of Olivia in General Hospital has truly won the hearts of fans. The thought of her leaving Port Charles might be saddening, but fear not – it’s not happening anytime soon!

While Lisa hinted at her Las Vegas adventures, there’s been no word about her leaving General Hospital. We’ve scoured the internet, and there’s no news of her exit.

So, get ready for a double dose of Lisa on your screens! The popular show CSI: Vegas is currently in its second season, and Lisa’s episode is in the works.

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