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Is Lili Reinhart Related to Brittany Murphy? Delving into Their Relationship

Is Lili Reinhart Related to Brittany Murphy

Is Lili Reinhart Related to Brittany Murphy

Many have remarked that Lili Reinhart looked familiar when she first became prominent in her lead role on Riverdale. Among the many notable women Lili has been likened to is Brittany Murphy, well-known for her role in the Clueless franchise and her tragic death in 2009. Some have even speculated that the two are related due to their parallels. To know more details whether is Lili Reinhart related to Brittany Murphy or not you need to scroll down the post.

Is Brittany Murphy Related to Lili Reinhart in Any Way?

Brittany Murphy and Lili Reinhart are not related. The two actors are sometimes mistaken for sisters despite having no blood ties. As Lili Reinhart rose to fame as Betty Cooper on “Riverdale,” people noticed the connection between the two characters and began talking about it as early as 2017.

A gifted actress, Brittany Murphy was featured in films like “Clueless,” “8 Mile,” and “Girl, Interrupted.” She was only 32 when she went away in December 2009. Some admirers have even gone so far as to suggest that Lili Reinhart is actually a reincarnation of Brittany Murphy due to the uncanny likeness between the two actresses. However, no proof or data supports this claim; it is all supposition.

Lili and Brittany possibly share a family connection is another fan-favourite idea. Several sources, including Distractify, have disproved this claim, proving that the two actresses are unrelated.

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Comparing Lili Reinhart to Brittany Murphy

Comparing Lili Reinhart to Brittany Murphy

Many people noticed the similarities between Lili Reinhart and Brittany Murphy as she made her Met Gala debut in 2018. Fans couldn’t help but note the obvious resemblance between them, what with their attractive almond-shaped eyes, glowing skin, blonde hair, and contagious grins. The tragic loss of Brittany Murphy in 2009 brought feelings of melancholy and reflection to the table.

Some of Lili’s fans joked that they did a double-take when they saw her images because they thought she was Brittany Murphy. Despite the discrepancies in the timeline, some people have entertained the fantastical idea that Lili is indeed the reincarnation of the late actress.

Is Lili Know About Her Comparisons to Brittany Murphy?

When  Lili was asked who she felt her celebrity doppelganger was, she acknowledged the similarities to Brittany.

She remarked, “Everyone says Brittany Murphy — everyone.” They consider me to be a reincarnation of her. Many side-by-side photos show an uncanny resemblance between the two of us. You can find it by searching for “Lili Reinhart and Brittany Murphy” on Google. You can also join us on our Twitter account for more updates.

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