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Is Omar The Referee Dead or Just People Make Fake News?

Is Omar The Referee Dead

Is Omar The Referee Dead

Omar the Referee is a well-known and adored personality in basketball, honoured for his contribution to upholding the fairness and honour of basketball contests. He is well renowned for his genuine excitement, commitment and love of the sport and his work as a referee.

He became more famous after a video of him catching a ball about to hit the stands surfaced. Rumours are going around that the referee “Omar” passed away. The truth will be revealed in this article.

Is The News of Omar The Referee’s Death True?

Online rumours that Omar had passed away started to spread. According to the news, he committed suicide after being the target of cyberbullying following his unexpected ascent to fame. Several accounts on TikTok claimed the news of his death.

Only three days’ worth of uploads are available on the TikTok account. Due to the current spate of postings and the video saying Omar the referee is dead, it feeds rumours that it’s probably not a legitimate account.

The death video shows a fake tweet from BBC News: “Famous ‘Omar the Referree’ commits suicide aged 47.” The fact that BBC News never released the announcement and that the account’s name and profile picture do not correspond to those of the official BBC Twitter account let us know that it is fake.

The screenshot of Tik Tok post that claimed Omar’s death

Naturally, a lot of individuals questioned the integrity of the Omar rumours. The short answer is that there is no evidence to support Omar’s actual death.

The tales of his death that have been posted are unreliable. One of the accounts is newer than the other and it’s not really BBC News. Most likely, the accounts decided to spread a lie that Omar had passed away to enhance their own reputations.

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Note: We made this post for informational purposes only. We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings here. There have been no official announcements and there is no reason to believe the reporting of arbitrary users on TikTok.

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