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How Old is Alex Chino From TikTok? Reason Behind His Arrest!

Alex Chino

Alex Chino

Alex Chino is well known Tik-Toker. On April 10, 2023, rumors started to circulate that Alex had been taken into custody and that his followers were wondering what had become of the creator. In this post, you will read about his age and about his arrest.

What is the Age of Alex Chino?

It is estimated that Alex Chino is 16 years old and is already recognized as a powerful businessman. A well-known social media user with more than 2.0 million videos on his Tiktok account and 483k followers on his  Instagram account.

You can see his latest Instagram post in which he looks handsome and fans praised him.

Since joining Tiktok in April 2021, he has gained enormous notoriety. In addition to being an influencer, he is the owner of the Avarus Brand clothing company.

Youcantfindalex, who is also known as Azlo Veace has around 700k followers on his channel thanks to a variety of humorous videos, bonus content from his younger brother and videos that highlight his muscles.

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Why did Alex Chino is in Police Custody?

Alex Danyel is said to have been arrested after a police chase and altercation with him. Soon after the event, recordings of the alleged altercation between Alex and Phoenix, Arizona, police officers started to appear on TikTok.

Alex Chino

The video said:

“Officers went to break up a group that was doing doughnuts in the street but a red Corvette took off. That driver led Mesa police, DPS, and Phoenix police on a chase from the east to the west valley.”

It continued by explaining how the Corvette’s driver collided with a police car before spike strips in Pheonix rendered it useless. Another TikTok upload depicts the influencer being handcuffed by a Phoenix police officer after walking out of his home backward.

This isn’t the first time in recent months that a famous TikToker has been in trouble with the police. Back in October, QCP was allegedly caught after driving around Los Angeles in a stolen U-Haul truck.

As of yet, this much is known about Alex Chino, when we get the latest information we will share it with you. You can follow us on Twitter to acquire the most recent information about other celebrities, including their careers, personal lives, and professional lives.

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