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Hoda Kotb’s Proud Motherhood Moment With Daughter Hope After Health Scare

Hoda Daughter Illness

Hoda Daughter Illness

Hoda Kotb updated fans on the status of her youngest daughter Hope’s health while launching her new book.

“I wrote this a while ago, before Hope was, you know, got sick and is on the mend and all that stuff,” the co-anchor said on Wednesday, Aug. 2, while announcing her latest book, “Hope is a Rainbow.”

Their 4-year-old daughter, Hope Catherine, served as inspiration for her upcoming book, which will be released in March 2024. Here is the post she shared about the book:

Hoda explained that the character was modeled after her own daughter, saying, “Her name just fell in.” Hope is literally around every corner, and she constantly reminds me of that. No matter how bad things go, she’ll always be there for you. The co-anchor said her sick daughter, Hope, was hospitalized.

“My youngest, Hope, was in the ICU for a few days and in the hospital for a little more than a week,” Hoda explained. That she is at home is a huge relief. She has returned to her own house. I’d been anticipating that for a long time. And we are keeping a tight eye on her. This makes me so happy.

Here is a sweet moment Hoda shared on her Instagram with her daughter:

Hoda revealed to her co-host Savannah Guthrie how “when your child is ill, just how much gratitude you can have for people who helped you out” Hoda became emotional when sharing this revelation, which brought her to tears.

Hoda went on, “I’m grateful for the wonderful doctors and nurses at Weill Cornell.” And I’m thankful for my loved ones and for people like you who were always there for me. So, I’d like to express my gratitude for it. “I adore you.

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I was just remembering one of the days when Hope was in the hospital… In May on the TODAY Show, Hoda reflected on the “surreal” experience of watching her daughter suffer from illness at 3 a.m. while alone in a chair.

I’ll never forget the moment when the nurse went in and touched my back without saying a word. Hoda remarked, “I just sat there for a minute.” “It’s not just giving the IV and needles and stuff and tests and all that,” one nurse explained. It goes beyond that.

The mother of two children said she had relied on the same nurse who had helped her daughter Hope feel at ease in the hospital.

Hoda’s daughter Hope had a health scare after she authored her latest book, “Hope is a Rainbow,” but the TODAY co-anchor insists that the book serves as a reminder that “hope is all around you.”

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