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What Happened To Wendell B? The Truth Exposed

What Happened To Wendell B? The Truth Exposed

Wendell B, a famous Southern R&B singer, songwriter, pianist, and band member, was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on June 19, 1958. 65 in 2023. Wendell’s birthdate is June 19. Wendell B’s R&B sounds, set in blues-loving St. Louis, have garnered praise. Wendell, the CEO and President of Smoothway Music celebrates this St. Louis balladeer.

While singing with the Dream and Visions, he learned stage presence from local icons Marvin Rice and Carl Holmes. His seductive voice and rich musical artistry make him a Southern R&B treasure and a beloved music industry figure. In the below article, we will discuss what happened to wendell b and many other things related to him.

what happened to wendell b

What Happened To Wendell B?

Some sources say that R&B artist Wendell B died peacefully at 3 a.m. on August 3, 2023, at the age of 65. This was sad news for the music world. The skilled artist had been fighting cancer for a long time, and it was this long fight that caused him to die too soon.

Wendell’s death left a big hole in the music business. People loved his soulful melodies and skill as a musician, so his death was a huge loss for both fans and other musicians. People will always remember and appreciate what he did for R&B music. He left a lasting impact that will continue to inspire and move people for years to come.

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Is He Married? Wendell B Wife

Wendell B was married to a beautiful African-American woman, so he was a married man. Based on what I’ve read, Wendell B married Carol Keating. Wendell B wrote on Instagram that she is his love and life. Kami Hooligan, who was born on January 6 and is also a singer, is Wendell B’s son. She writes songs and performs music. Mic Brooks, who is also a musician, said that Wendell B is his father by posting like Wendell B is his pops.

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