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Father Mark Beard Obituary: The Revered Priest Died in Car Accident

Father Mark Beard Obituary

Father Mark Beard Obituary

The revered priest of St. Helena Catholic Church in Amite was Father Mark Beard. He was ordained in 2009 and was a well-known religious figure in the region. He was actively involved in the community and was well known for giving blessings during Governor John Bel Edwards’ inauguration.

Father Mark Beard’s unfortunate and untimely death has been connected to a car accident that happened close to the Louisiana-Mississippi state boundary.

Mark was traveling south on I-55 at the time of the tragedy. For reasons that are yet unclear, his automobile left the road and struck a median before crashing into a culvert.

The force of the collision caused the car to flip over leaving him with fatally serious injuries. Mark had a profound influence on the lives of innumerable people throughout his time as the pastor of St. Helena Catholic Church.

Father Mark Beard Obituary: An Enduring Tribute to The Revered Priest

Mark Beard’s family, friends and the entire community are in mourning over the sudden and tragic passing of a cherished and revered man. Mark was a tower of courage and kindness while serving as the pastor of St. Helena Catholic Church in Amite.

He led his community with unflinching faith and dedication. Mark began his path to the priesthood in 2009 following a transformative holiday to Medjugorje. His choice to become a priest was evidence of both his strong spirituality and his sincere concern for other people’s souls.

Father Mark Beard

Mark, who is a native of Baton Rouge attended LSU after receiving his high school diploma from Catholic High. He maintained a strong commitment to his faith throughout his life and used his degree to further his spiritual development and teach others.

Father Mark was a priest, but he also owned land in Mississippi, where he frequently vacationed. His friendliness, humility and sincere concern for everyone he met are said to have made him an extraordinary person in the eyes of his friends.

Mark Beard’s legacy will endure in the hearts of those who were impacted by his warmth, wisdom and compassion even as the family mourns the loss of a cherished son, brother and uncle and the neighborhood laments the passage of a dedicated pastor and friend.

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People are sharing their condolences towards the father on social media. One person said, “Father Mark Beard was the most amazing priest.”

Another user wrote, “It is with great sadness we say goodbye to a Father, friend, mentor and precious soul, Father Mark Beard.”

Dyba Beech captioned, “A true man od god, Father Mark Beard had a calling from god to establish.”

We send our sincere condolences to Beard’s family and friends during this trying time. May the loving memories of their loved one give them courage and solace.

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