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King the Land Episode 15 Release Date: When Will It Air?

King the Land Episode 15 Release Date

King the Land Episode 15 Release Date

The Korean romantic comedy King the Land follows the lives of an heir and a worker at one of his family’s hotels. The drama, directed by Im Hyun-Wook, features an ensemble cast that includes Lee Jun-ho, Lim Yoon-a (Yoona), Go Won-hee, Kim Ga-Eun, Ahn Se-ha, and Kim Jae-won.

The drama tells the narrative of Goo Won, an heir caught in an inheritance war, and Cheon Sa-rang, a cheerful young woman whose smile inspires him more than any other. Wonderful love blossoms in their story as the two spend more and more time together. To know details about King the Land episode 15 release date you need to scroll down the post.

What is King the Land Episode 15 Release Date?

On August 5, 2023, Netflix will upload Episode 15 of Season 1 of King the Land. While 4 PM (BST) is the standard time of release, delays are possible. We do not expect any schedule modifications at this time (but anything is possible in the realm of K-dramas).

On August 6 at the same time, you may watch the sixteenth episode of King the Land Season 1. This is the last part. Each episode typically lasts between 65 and 70 minutes.

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Where to Watch King the Land Episode 15?

The above-mentioned times and dates are when subscribers to Netflix throughout the world can watch episodes 15 and 16 of King the Land, Season 1. In South Korea, the episode airs on JTBC every Saturday and Sunday at 22:30 (KST), in addition to being available on Netflix.

What Happened in the King the Land Episode 14?

King the Land

After their secret is revealed, Gu Won and Sa-rang become a major news stories. Hwa-ran requested Sa-rang’s face to be displayed, exposing her to the jeers of her coworkers while the situation was still under control when her face was blurred. In a later statement, Gu Won makes it crystal clear that he was the one who chased Sa-rang and that it was not a scandal.

Il-hoon has a conversation with Sa-rang and suggests she go somewhere quiet to give the couple some space. With the chain restaurant plan out of his mind, he also sends Gu Won on a business trip. Sa-rang is stressed by this request, but she keeps it to herself as she and Gu Won go to an amusement park to release some steam.

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