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Gabriel Iglesias Divorce: The Truth Behind Rumour!

Gabriel Iglesias Divorce: The Truth Behind Rumour!
Gabriel Iglesias is a well-known comedian, actor, and writer from the United States. He is known for his funny jokes and high-pitched voice. He was born in San Diego, California, on July 15, 1976. He grew up in Long Beach, California. Iglesias started as a performer in the 1990s and has become a well-known name in the entertainment business.
Among the movies and TV shows he has been in are “Magic Mike,” “Cristela,” and “Modern Family.” Claudia Valdez, his long-term partner, lives with him in Los Angeles. People are very interested in why Gabriel Iglesias split up with his wife. Follow the page to learn more about Gabriel Iglesias.
Gabriel Iglesias Divorce

Why Did Gabriel Iglesias Divorce?

Gabriel Iglesias has been in a steady relationship with his girlfriend, Claudia Valdez, for almost ten years. They have been open about their relationship and have told the world many times about how they met and fell in love.
They are still in love and haven’t said anything about getting a split. Gabriel and Claudia have shown how much they like and love each other by putting pictures of themselves on social media. People have seen them at events and helping each other with their jobs.
Gabriel has even said in public that Claudia is a big part of his life and that she helped him get his health in order. Gabriel and Claudia’s relationship seems to be going well.

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How Did Gabriel Iglesias Meet His Partner?

Gabriel Iglesias writes, acts, and makes people laugh. Gabriel Iglesias has never been married, so he has never been divorced. He has been in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Claudia Valdez, for almost ten years.
They met for the first time in 2008, when Valdez was a director on a comedy show that Iglesias was hosting. Since then, they haven’t been apart and talked about their relationship in the news and on social media. The couple has posted pictures of themselves on social media and said things about how much they love and care for each other.
Here is a Facebook video in which Gabriel Iglesias discussing about his married life:
Iglesias had called Valdez his “rock” and thanked her for being there for him when things were hard. On the other hand, Valdez has shown that she is happy about what Iglesias has done and has always supported his work.
Even though they’ve been together for more than ten years, they haven’t gotten married. But they’ve had some problems in their relationship, like Iglesias’ battle with obesity and Valdez’s fight with cancer. Even though they have been through a lot, they have stayed strong and continue to help each other.

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