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Leah Pruett Net Worth: How Did She Get to Be So Wealthy in the Racing World?

Leah Pruett Net Worth

Leah Pruett Net Worth

Leah Christine Pruett is a diva that competes for Don Schumacher Racing as an American in the NHRA Top Fuel class. She worked for Bob Vandergrift Racing before it dissolved in April 2016. Being in control of a fast car and experiencing the excitement of losing control must be thrilling. Until recently, no one would have associated a woman with racing.

Leah Pruett is now achieving her goal of being among the finest drag racers. Her racing outfits are grease-covered and have a lovely nitromethane odor. Pruett competed in one of the fastest divisions of sanctioned drag races with peak Fuel dragsters, reaching a peak speed of 334.15 mph. Let’s read this article to learn how much money Leah Pruett has.

Leah Pruett’s Net Worth

Leah Pruett’s net worth as of 2023 is approximately $5 million. Additionally, racers don’t get a set salary. Instead, pay is determined by how well a person performs on race day. Pruett received $9,500 at the Atlanta Dragway, making him one of the highest-paid racers at the time.

Similar to how the Californian consented to compete for Don Schumacher Racing in 2016 following the collapse of her previous employer. Furthermore, there have been recent speculations that Leah was ending her contract with Don Schumacher, but this has not yet been proven.

The prize racer receives $10 million for a season’s worth of victories, eventually lowered to $5 million. In addition, Pruett receives sizeable compensation through her sponsorship with Mopar Dodge Dragster.

An advertisement for Pennzoil Synthetics, a company specializing in producing synthetic engine oil, also featured the American simultaneously. The Californian’s product line is called The Hoonigan Leah Signature, and it also features graphics by Jon Chase drawn by hand. Women’s tank tops, SS Tees, a snapback, a pullover, a Bandito sticker, and other items are included in the merchandise.

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Leah Pruett Early Life: Small Town to Top Racer

Leah Christine Pruett, sometimes known as “Leah Pruett,” is an American drag racer born in Redlands, California, on March 26, 1988. She is also Ron and Linda Pruett’s daughter and Lindsey Pruett’s sister. On the other hand, claims that the drag racer attended California State University on an athletic scholarship after graduating from high school.

The American was also skilled at drag racing from an early age. When she was 8 years old, she was obsessed with vehicles, engines, and races. She ultimately pursued her passion for becoming a driver after completing her education.

Leah Pruett’s Racing Career: Champion in the Racing World

Before making his Top Fuel debut in 2013 with Dote Racing, Pruett raced in Pro Mod and Nostalgia Funny Cars. On February 28, 2016, at the Carquest Auto Parts NHRA Nationals in Chandler, Arizona, she defeated Brittany Force in the first all-female Top Fuel final round since 1982 to win her first national championship.

She scored seven points in 2016 with one win, five in 2017 with four wins, and four in 2018 with two wins, one win, and four wins in 2020 with no wins. She was successful once in 2021. On October 14, 2021, Pruett was selected to drive Top Fuel for Tony Stewart Racing in 2022.

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