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Who Did Charity Pick On The Bachelorette? Spoilers Alert!

Who did Charity Pick on the Bachelorette

Who did Charity Pick on the Bachelorette

Charity Lawson, this season’s Bachelorette, is nearing the end of her journey on the show, and her final choice may come as a surprise to some viewers. Charity has four remaining suitors as her time on the show winds down. She’s developed relationships with all of her finalists, and the pressure is on for the upcoming hometown dates.

Charity’s choice has lasting consequences for Aaron Bryant, Dotun Olubeko, Joey Graziadei, and Xavier Bonner. The course of their future plans may need to be adjusted as a result.

Even though Charity’s final pick has seemed clear for the most part on The Bachelorette so far, that may certainly change in the coming episodes. Charity and Dotun have hit it off throughout her tenure as the lead, and his many solo outings with her have given the impression that she may have finally settled on him.

Even if Dotun is in the lead, Charity still has a shot with the other remaining suitors. Charity has hinted that she has a happy ending in mind for her journey, so it’s plausible that she’s already engaged to either Aaron, Joey, or Xavier. So what do you think who did Charity pick on the Bachelorette from the remaining contestants? Below is the all information we got.

Who did Charity Pick on the Bachelorette?

No spoiler sites have, as of this writing, indicated who receives Charity’s last rose. She has been coy about details like her engagement plans and the identities of the last two contestants. She told:

“Obviously engagement was something that was on the table and something that I thought about, but then I was also like, ‘Okay, well, an engagement isn’t end all, be all,’” she told People. “You see me waiver with that.”

Take  a look at the below tweet provided by The Bachelorette:

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Who Are the Final Four Contestants for ‘The Bachelorette’ with Charity Lawson?

Remaining contestants of Bachelorette

Display the Unforeseen According to Steve, she has narrowed the potential suitor pool down to four hunks. They include Joey Graziadei, a professional tennis player from Koloa, Hawaii, and Aaron Bryant, a salesperson from Katy, Texas; Xavier Bonner, a biological scientist from Euclid, Ohio; and Dotun Olubeko, an integrative medicine specialist from Fresno, California.

Since Aaron will be a competitor on the upcoming ninth season of “The Bachelorette,” he can no longer be Charity’s ultimate choice. Reality Steve informed him that the child and family therapist from Columbus, Georgia was his Fantasy Suite date, therefore he did make it to the final three.

Reality Steve claimed on a podcast broadcast from May of 2023, “I think it’s safe to say Aaron did not win,” adding, “In fact, I will say it: Aaron didn’t win.” Dotun allegedly made Charity’s final three when the famous spoiler saw footage of him in Fiji while filming the Fantasy Suites episode.

Was Brayden Sent Home?

Yes. A few weeks ago, the worst villain in The Bachelorette’s history was eliminated. Throughout last night’s broadcast, he made it apparent that he found his role on the show to be “weird,” and then he left in a rejection van. Charity and Brayden’s decision looked to be reached jointly at first.

Here is the post when Brayden was sent home after rejection:

The charity was acting very grown up and calm until Brayden returned during the cocktail hour. She told him to leave because there was nothing wrong with him. Once Brayden’s villainous era aired for a complete show, he claimed he wasn’t out to “cause drama.” Uh yeah.

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