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What Did Donnie Baker Die From? Cause Of Death Was Disclosed

What Did Donnie Baker Die From? Cause Of Death Was Disclosed
Ron Sexton, known as Donnie Baker, was an Indianapolis radio personality and comedian. His Donnie Baker, Kenny Tarmac, Floyd the Trucker, and celebrity impersonations made him famous. Sexton’s humour won millions of fans. During high school, he was a baseball analyst and a good comic. His hilarious stories and catchphrases like “State law!” and “I swear to God” made him a beloved part of “The Bob & Tom Show” cast.
what did donnie baker die from

What Did Donnie Baker Die From?

Donnie Baker’s family hasn’t said the real reason for his death. Initial stories suggested that he may have died of a heart attack, but there has been no official confirmation of what happened. We know he died sadly on Friday, July 21, 2023, in Ohio, where he was on a stand-up comedy tour.

The news of his death saddened fans, other comedians, and coworkers. Donnie Baker’s reputation as a talented comedian and well-liked performer will live forever.

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Several “Bob & Tom Show” Cast Members Have Written Messages To Ron Sexton

Shortly after Ro’s family reported his death, The Bob & Tom Show shared a heartfelt tribute to their longtime star on their Instagram @bobandtomshow. They called him a “much-loved colleague and friend” and said they would “remember him with love and gratitude.”

Ron was meant to perform at the Dayton Funny Bone on July 21 and 22, according to a post that has since been deleted. His information page on The Bob & Tom Show has also been taken down, and his last show was scheduled for December 31 at The Blue Note in Harrison, Ohio.

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