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Is Doja Cat Dating J Cyrus? Fans React With Fury

Is Doja Cat Dating J Cyrus? Fans React With Fury
Doja Cat is no stranger to drama. She has been called out on social media for everything from her Met Gala outfit to her rap songs that upset religious groups. Now, though, it’s her love life causing problems between her and her fans, who are usually the first to defend the musician’s more risqué behaviour. Fans have sent Doja Cat tweets and threads asking her to break up with a partner who just came out. But why do her fans say bad things about her partner? What you need to know is listed below.

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Is Doja Cat Dating J Cyrus?

Doja Cat is currently dating comic Jeffrey “J” Cyrus. They were seen together for the first time in early June in Cabo, Mexico. J got famous on Vine and now uses TikTok, Twitch, and YouTube. He is managed by social media talent agency Undercurrent, which also works with influencer Jojo Siwa and YouTuber Lance Stewart.
Fans were quick to tell Doja Cat about her boyfriend’s past problems, including tweets that have since been deleted in which the comedian seems to talk about claimed s*xual assault. Some Twitter posts say that as many as 20 women have accused J. Cyrus of wrongdoing, but there are no court or criminal cases against him.
Here is the Tweet:
Cyrus is also said to have used his role as a mod on Twitch to control the claims and stop information from getting to other victims. As you can see in the above Tweet, the 36-year-old had written an apology in 2020 in answer to the harassment claims on Twitch.
But even that was criticized because he didn’t take any real responsibility in his long apology post and instead said that the meetings were his idea. But Doja Cat has gotten back at fans criticising Miley Cyrus by telling them in a series of now-deleted posts on Threads, “My life, my rules, my style, my attitude.”
After Doja Cat made fun of her fans for calling themselves “kittenz,” several fan pages for the singer have now shut down their accounts. Doja Cat and J. Cyrus haven’t said anything about the claims of racism and harassment. The Evening Standard asked both Doja Cat and J Cyrus for their thoughts.

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