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Young Thug Tries Three Times Without Success

Young Thug Denied Bond

Young Thug Denied Bond

In his gang and racketeering prosecution in Fulton County, Atlanta rapper Young Thug had bond refused for a third time on Friday (21 July).  The singer, whose true name is Jeffery Williams, was arrested in May of 2022 and has been in jail ever since. Chief Judge Ural Glanville ordered that Williams must remain in jail pending his future trial, citing threats to the community and probable witness intimidation.

Attorney Brian Steel described the “tortυrous” conditions that Williams is subjected to on a daily basis at the Cobb County jail. According to him, Williams “gained tremendous weight” because he eats junk food with no real nourishment.

Steel added that his client is forced to sleep in a cell with the lights on every night and has developed kidney problems as a result of the jail food. Steel warned the Glanville that Williams’ unhealthy diet was putting Williams’ life in jeopardy. A person’s mind, spirit, or body should not be harmed while awaiting trial, your honor.

Williams, according to prosecutor Adriane Love, has a history of intimidating witnesses and alIegedly threatened a lady that snitches “get murked, them and their kids.” During the bond hearing, she did not have to provide any evidence to support this claim.

One possible witness alIegedly informed Love, “He moves like a man with a million dollars behind his name,” which Love used to explain why he wasn’t cooperating. She reassured him that while he wouldn’t have to physically carry out his plans, others will do so.

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Williams is accused by authorities of being the ringleader and co-founder of the violent Atlanta street gang Young Slime Life. The rapper’s legal team has vigorously denied the allegations, saying YSL is only a record company.

Williams was indicted along with 27 others for gang activity and racketeering last year. Yak Gotti, aka co-defendant Deamonte Kendrick, was also denied release. After Miles Farley’s attorney was arrested at court, Glanville was the sole judge to release him on bond since the case began. After pleading guilty, a number of others were also released.

Young Thug

In early January, jurors were selected for what is expected to be the longest trial in Georgia’s history due to the scope of the case. On Wednesday (19 July), after nearly seven months of preparation, the prosecution and defense began their voir dire of individual jurors.

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Potential jurors are questioned about their musical tastes, their understanding of the high-profile case, and their confidence in their ability to be fair. Some have also been probed for thoughts on rap music, firearms, and facial and neck tattoos. The almost 750 potential jurors will undoubtedly be subjected to lengthy questioning by the lawyers.

On Wednesday and Thursday, eight people were questioned; five were found to be qualified and three were struck for a reason.

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