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Who is Ethan Dolan’s Girlfriend & When did They Announce Their Relationship?

Ethan Dolan Girlfriend

Ethan Dolan Girlfriend

Ethan Dolan is the twin brother of Grayson Dolan and they are collectively known as the Dolan twins. He has been quite committed to keeping his personal life, well, personal, despite fans’ intrigue.

Ethan is very well known for his personal life. He announced his relationship officially on social media, read the post if you want to know about the girl who stole his heart.

Meet the Girl Who Stole Ethan Dolan’s Heart

Ethan Dolan Girlfriend

Kristina Alice, a popular influencer born on December 30, 1997, is the girlfriend of Ethan Dolan. The Dolan Twins’ 2018 music video “Cub Sport’s song Hawaiian Party” which was the catalyst for Alice’s rise to fame and expansion of her Instagram following, featured Alice as Ethan’s love interest.

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When did Ethan Dolan & Kristina Alice Confirm Their Relationship?

The Dolan brothers directed the 2018 music video, which featured the 22-year-old Australian influencer in a few sequences, including one in which they shared a kἰss.

When a video of the 20-year-old YouTube sensation on the beach with what appeared to be Alice circulated on social media in December 2019, dating rumors began to spread quickly. When the Dolan twins uploaded a video to their channel with the headline “Addressing assumptions about us” fans first received official confirmation that Dolan was dating “someone.”

Ethan Dolan’s Girlfriend

When asked in the video if he is in a committed relationship Dolan says subtly, “Yup.” Naturally, he withheld further facts. Coupled with the fact that they were both in Australia in December and shared photos from the same locations, fans believed it to be pretty much confirmation.

The couple confirmed it on their first anniversary while sharing a series of relationship photographs and sure “it’s adorable”.

While all was going on, Kristina Alice posted a touching homage to her boyfriend on her own Instagram. She said, “One year with you, you taught me the definition of love and make me feel safe, worthy, happy, inspired, courageous, fulfilled and the list goes on.”

Recently, Kristina Alice plays the role of casting and producing in Ethan Dolan’s new movie “Nothing Left to Give”. She shared the good news in her post.

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