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Is Alison Victoria Married? Revealing The Mystery Of Her Marriage

Is Alison Victoria Married

Is Alison Victoria Married

On this day in 1981, Alison Victoria was born into fame as a TV host, actress, and interior designer. She grew up in the lively metropolis of Chicago, Illinois, and has a profound fondness for the grand structures and little homes that line its streets. In 1999, her travels brought her to Las Vegas, where she enrolled at the University of Nevada.

Alison Victoria wasted no time after finishing her studies before beginning her work as an interior designer. She began her career by joining Christopher Homes, where she received extensive training and guidance. She wanted to make her mark in the design industry so much that she decided to go into business for herself and open an interior design firm.

Is Alison Victoria Currently married? Alison Victoria, star of HGTV’s “Windy City Rehab,” reportedly tied the knot with Luke Harding in 2013.

Is Alison Victoria Married?

Chicago insurance agent Luke Harding is said to have married Alison Victoria. Victoria disclosed to the Chicago-based magazine Chicago Splash that she and her husband, who she met on in 2011, wed in 2013.

There is no proof available of Alison Victoria’s marriage with Luke Harding on social media. Harding supposedly proposed to Alison at midnight during a picnic in a private area of The Drake Hotel’s French Room and then took her to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Victoria’s late father, who was 82 at the time, was among the 120 friends and family members that attended the couple’s wedding in November 2013.

Although there is less evidence of a continued romantic relationship between Harding and Victoria, she has discussed other significant partnerships in public. The absence of Harding on her Instagram in recent years is suggestive of a breakup between them.

There were rumors that Alison Victoria had a new boyfriend. The two don’t seem to be together any longer. Alison attributes her optimism to long-term partner Michael Marks.

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Who is the Husband of Alison Victoria?

Who is Alison Victoria Husband?

Popular interior designer and talk show host Alison Victoria first came to prominence after appearing on the hit HGTV series Kitchen Crashers. Chicago insurance agent Luke Harding was Alison Victoria’s ex-husband. They met on a dating website and continued to develop their connection until they got engaged in 2013.

Take a look at the below post in which you can see Alison with her  work husband together for a show:

Claims have been made that during a midnight picnic in a private area of The Drake Hotel’s French Room close to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Luke Harding proposed to Alison Victoria.

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