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Problems With Andrew Tate’s House Arrest Continue to Worsen

Andrew Tate House Arrest

Andrew Tate House Arrest

On Tuesday 18 July, a court in the capital of Romania decided to prolong Andrew Tate’s house imprisonment by an additional 30 days. Tate is a contentious social media personality who is accused of r*pe, human trafficking, and organizing a gang to commit crimes against women.

A month after the 36-year-old social media sensation, his brother Tristan, and two Romanian women were all legally charged in the same case by prosecutors, the Bucharest Tribunal reached a verdict.

The four defendants, who were all detained in late December near Bucharest and who have all refuted the accusations made against them, will all continue to stay under house arrest for an additional 30 days.

On Monday 17 July, Tate told reporters outside the court that “the moral arc of the universe bends towards justice in the end.”

“My brother and I are extremely resilient people. … In the end justice shall be served,” he said. “We’re feeling like things are going to work out perfectly in the end — and until then we’re going to follow the judicial process.”

The Tate brothers, who hold dual citizenship in the US and the UK, will probably challenge the decision from Tuesday. The Tates’ most recent appeal against an earlier house arrest extension was denied on July 6.

The Tate brothers won an appeal to be placed under home arrest on March 31 after spending three months in police prison in Bucharest. After filing its inquiry in June, Romania’s DIICOT anti-organized crime agency asked judges to prolong the home arrest order.

You can take a look at below tweet:

Andrew Tate, who has 7.2 million Twitter followers and has been accused of spreading conspiracy theories online, has frequently asserted that there is no proof against him and that there is a government plot to suppress him.

Andrew Tate to Arrest Under Human Trafficking in Romania

Before the court’s ruling on Tuesday, he published the following on his Twitter account:

“There are Matrix agents on all sides of the political spectrum. War is funded. Trump and I are self funded. Basically everyone else is bought and paid for.”

Take a look at below tweet:

The four defendants established a criminal organization in 2021 “to commit the crime of human trafficking” not only in Romania but also in the US and UK.

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According to DIICOT, there are seven female victims in the case who were transferred to Romania under the guise of love and then s*xually exploited and physically abused by the gang. As per the agency, one suspect is accused of raping a lady twice in March 2022. Prosecutors claimed that “intimidation, constant surveillance,” and assertions that the women were in debt, were used to control the women.

Andrew Tate had already been prohibited from using several well-known social networking sites due to his use of hate speech and misogynistic remarks, including the idea that women should be held accountable for s*xual assault.

Several British women are also seeking civil lawsuits against Tate for damages because they were the victims of s*xual assault.

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