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Who is Cole on “Claim to Fame”? The True Identity Revealed!

Who is Cole on Claim to Fame

Who is Cole on Claim to Fame

Claim to Fame is an American reality competition program. The aim for the twelve contestants, each of whom has a famous family is to figure out which celebrities the other candidates are related to while still keeping their own celebrity relationship a secret as they live together in a house.

The relationships between the majority of the competitors’ families are essentially unknown when a new season of Claim to Fame premieres. Cole, a season two standout can attest to the fact that. But after the premiere, fans were more interested in learning more about Cole’s identity and family members.

Who is Cole in “Claim to Fame”?

In “Claim to Fame” Cole is pretty covert about who he is and nobody seems to be suspecting him or his famous relative’s identity just yet. After Cole’s two facts and a lie in the Season 2 opener slightly confused everyone, we figure out who Cole’s famous relative is.

When he first appeared on “Claim to Fame” he gave some clues. Cole said his father is a Grammy-winning musician. We found out that Cole is related to Grammy Award-winning vocalist Alicia Keys.

Cole on Claim to Fame

He is not a distant sibling who only sees the singer on family vacations; rather he and his sister Alicia are actually quite close in real life. In an Instagram post on Alicia’s birthday in January 2023, Cole referred to her as his “best friend in the whole wide world.”

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Therefore, the “Grammy” component and “musician” claim of his two facts and a lie is unquestionably true. Cole might be safe for a long though as some of the other cast members might not be aware that Alicia Keys even has a brother.

Nobody even makes a good guess about Cole in the Season 2 opening, which is good news for him for at least a few episodes. Cole isn’t a musician in contrast to his sister. He did, however have success with “Timeless Eye” an advertising group that uses digital storytelling in a very different field.

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