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Killaboi Kἰlled Girlfriend: The Relevation of Augusta Osedion’s Mμrder

Killaboi Killed Girlfriend

Killaboi Killed Girlfriend

Benjamin Best, commonly known as Killaboi mμrdered his girlfriend, the influential Nigerian “Augusta Osedion” better known as Austa. Her many devoted fans are devastated by her untimely passing. Several others have posted messages of sympathy and condemnation of violence against women on social media sites.

Why did Killaboi Kἰll His Girlfriend?

Benjamin Best has admitted to kἰlling his 21-year-old lover, Augusta Osedion. Best wrote about the mμrder on his Instagram page. He said that during an argument he mistakenly stἀbbed his girlfriend.

He prayed for eternal peace and declared that he had no desire to mμrder Osedion and ever since he claims, he’s been suἰcidal and has avoided the scene.

Osedion’s body was discovered in the apartment of Best in Lagos. The interrogation of the death case of Osedion is still going on. Cordelia, whose daughter aIIegedly told her about a fight she had with her boyfriend on June 11, had filed a report with the Lagos police.

Cordelia claimed that despite her efforts to bring the couple together, she was unsuccessful. She claimed that after speaking with Osedion’s roommate, the police were directed to Killaboi’s house, where she discovered her daughter’s lifeless bódy.

Augusta Osedion

Killaboi, who expressed regret for ruining his life at the age of 26, made a pledge to see that his late lover is given justice because he simply cannot bear the guilt. He did, however, admit that he fled after kἰlling her out of terror. He then shared a message he had written to the mother of his late girlfriend.

Recently the news spread that Connor Gibson kἰlled his own sister, to know the reality read our below post:

As of yet, we have that much information related to this case. When we get any latest information we will share it with you. We made this post for informational purposes. We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings here. Our condolences and prayers are with Augusta’s family.

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