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Who is Jules Leblanc Dating in 2023? Her Current Relationship Status Revealed!

Who is Jules Leblanc Dating 2023

Who is Jules Leblanc Dating 2023

The name Jules LeBlanc began to appear everywhere in the past few years. The teenage actress gained so much fame because she is referred as “one of the most famous teens in the world.” Get all the information about her personal life in this post.

Who is Jules Leblanc Dating in 2023?

Jules Leblanc is not romantically involved right now. Jules LeBlanc has completed her 18th birthday, a huge milestone in her life.

Jules Leblanc

Jules LeBlanc has gained popularity over the past few years across a variety of channels, attracting the interest and curiosity of a large audience. Leblac is single yet but in past, she was in a relationship with a handsome boy. Read about her past relationship below.

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Who is Jules Leblanc’s Ex-Boyfriend?

Jules LeBlanc was dating Asher Angel and they were once Hollywood’s young power couple. On the set of Jules’ appearance in Asher’s Chemistry music video where they first met, they fell in love.

When asked about the experience of the session, Asher acknowledged that they “spent the entire day laughing and getting to know each other.” 

Jules shared a sweet photo of herself kissing Asher exactly some days after on Valentine’s Day in 2020 along with “hi! I like u! I’m in love with u! Happy one year love” with heart emojis in the description.

A few months later she shared several images of them online, calling it “a mini photo shoot.”

Sadly, after dating for more than a year, their love ended. Jules announced the breakup on Instagram story, saying that Asher “deserves no hate and that it’s no one’s fault.”

After their breakup fans think that Jules LeBlanc and Jayden Bartels are in a relationship. They have consistently been best friends goals for many people since they appeared together on the Nickelodeon series “Side Hustle”. They frequently perform Instagram Lives and create a lot of joint video content.

In the middle of 2022, several unreleased photos of Jules and Jayden have caused rumors that they are dating. Several of those photos showed Jules and Jayden locking lips and kissing one other passionately.

After seeing the leaked photographs, fans have a range of emotions. Some started shipping them right once, while others attacked the individual who released the photos, saying they had outed Jules and Jayden without getting their permission.

Jules also shared a post on her Instagram account in which they were kissing each other:

Jules and Jayden have not addressed the rumors as of now. As of yet, Jules Leblanc is single, when we get any latest information related to her relationship we will share it with you.

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