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Who Is Chris Related To On Claim To Fame? Exciting Details We Know!

Who is Chris Related to on Claim To Fame

Who is Chris Related to on Claim To Fame

Chris’s true identity was revealed when Travis drew the Wine Room clue on season 2 of Claim to Fame. The candidates may not know who Chris is just yet, but he clearly has a renowned singer relative based on what he stated in the premiere. Chris has been a formidable opponent thus far thanks to his meticulous investigation of the clues and his keen ability to detect dishonesty.

Several famous relatives have been unmasked so far in season 2 of Claim to Fame, such as Neil deGrasse Tyson’s son Travis and Tom Hanks’ niece Carly. Furthermore, the competitors have learned that Shayne is actually Eddie Murphy’s daughter.

In Season 3, Episode 3, Jane was revealed to be Dolly Parton’s niece, Jada Star, after she wrongly thought that Chris was related to Elvis Presley. All of the candidates’ identities will be revealed throughout the season, but Chris’s clues can only lead in one route.

Who is Chris from ‘Claim To Fame’?

Who is Chris from ‘Claim To Fame’

Chris’s dark eyes and crooner voice might make you think he’s linked to Donny Osmond. Even closer than he implied in his two facts and a lie is the reality that Chris is Donny’s son. That, as we can see, is the central deception. Chris is not bashful in revealing his identity outside of the context of Claim to Fame. Like his famous musician father and extended relatives, he has established himself as a vocalist.

Chris’s single was published before the Season 2 debut of Claim to Fame, and he goes by his true surname on Instagram, so he isn’t trying to hide his identity. On the show, though, no one is quick to guess Chris’s famous ancestry or the extent to which his family has worked in show business.

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Who is Chris Related to on Claim To Fame?

Chris is related to another renowned musician, despite the fact that fellow candidates Jane and Monay felt his eyes looked like John Mayer’s and Jane later selected Elvis Presley on Claim to Fame. Chris is really Donny Osmond’s son, the singer and TV personality Chris Osmond. “Puppy Love” was Donny’s hit song in the 1970s.

You can also take a look at post Donny Osmond shared about his son:

The famous singer and actress Marie Osmond is Chris’s uncle. This can be verified by checking out Chris and Donny’s Instagram accounts. Chris, now 32 years old, is a vocalist whose music has been released, including the track “Side Effects.” Since 2017, he has been happily married to his wife, Alta. Aussie Rae, their daughter, was born on November 26th, 2020.

Chris has a fighting chance if he can conceal his true identity throughout the second season of Claim to Fame. He has the mental faculties necessary to succeed in the game: he is bright, perceptive, and reflective. Chris also has a lot of charisma and is entertaining to watch, so people respect what he has to say.

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