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Drake Is the Next Victim Hit By Phone During a Stage Performance 

Drake was hit by an object on 5 July 2023, while he was performing on stage. It came to light after a video viral on social media. Recently he is on the ‘It’s All a Blur’ Tour and performing on the opening night at Chicago’s United Centre, his song “So Anxious.” 

You can see the in the video he skips the object and remain on the stage. He said,  “What was that?” and a bystander confirmed that it was “a cell phone.” With this hit, he was included with several other musicians who were hit by phone during their performances. 

For this, last month Bebe Rexha was hit by a phone, while she was performing at New York City’s The Rooftop at Pier 17. She falls on her knee after hitting by phone, in the clip. Nicolas Malvagna was the person who did this. He has been charged with two counts of assault in the third degree, and one count of aggravated harassment in the second degree. 

In the same way, A$AP Rocky was also hit by phone on his face while he was performing in Latvia. After that, he had to stop the show. But later he invited that person on stage and hug him. Fans were surprised to see his behavior. 

Drake Hit By Phone

“You almost hit me with that phone and caught my face. You gotta be careful baby,” Rocky said that person putting his hand on the fan’s shoulder. “I love you too. So you ready to go crazy?… Look no more throwing phones man.” Lil Uzi Vert throw back the phone in the crowd while he was performing at Wireless Festival in London.

“During Uzi’s set at Wireless Fest, fans threw multiple cellphones onto the stage and inadvertently struck [them],” a source close to Uzi told. “[They] merely attempted to clear the phones from the stage, avoid slipping, and safely continue his performance — [they] never intentionally directed it at a specific individual.”

“Throwing phones? That’s terrible. Are you about to throw your phone? That’s terrible. I don’t think phones should be thrown. I think phones should be used to CALL DA FIREMAN,” he said. “She a hot girl, come and shake something.”

Anyway, let’s talk about Drake’s incident. During his tour, he was paying tribute to Virgil Abloh, by intruding on his giant statue on stage, “Please make some noise for one of the most important people I’ve met in this industry.” “Make some noise for one of the greatest minds that we’ve ever seen.” He added: “Our brother, our family, he goes by the name of Virgil Abloh. Let’s pay some respect.”

While he was performing a phone hit his wrist, and he was shocked. Aubrey Graham is his real name, he brushed that incident and start again singing for his fans. Kelsey Ballerini was also hit before him with a bracelet in Idaho.

Drake Hit By Phone

We brought to you, information about other celebrities who were previously hit by objects: 

But the next day she said, “Hi. I’m fine. Someone threw a bracelet, it hit me in the eye, and it more so just scared me than hurt me,” she posted on Instagram.

“We all have triggers and layers of fears way deeper than what is shown, and that’s why I walked offstage to calm down and make sure myself, the band and crew, and the crowd all felt safe to continue. That’s all I ever want, is for shows to feel like a safe place for us all.”

“I love you and appreciate all of the concern,” Ballerini continued, “let’s make the last two shows of The Heartfirst Tour the best yet.”  Confirm from the below tweet:

Throwing phones in your favorite celebs’ performance is not a good thing. It may hurt them somehow. You can follow us on our Facebook page for more latest updates. 

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