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Tatum O’Neal’s Battle With Overdose And Triumph Over Addiction

Tatum O'Neal's Battle With Overdose And Triumph Over Addiction

Tatum O’Neal is an actress whose name is well-known in Hollywood and beyond. She won people over with her apparent ability and early success. Tatum’s trip to the centre of attention was not easy, though. She had to deal with personal problems and fight addiction during her teen years.

Tatum kept showing off her acting skills in movies and TV shows, even though she ran into problems. She left a lasting mark on the entertainment business. As in the below article, we will discuss the news of Tatum O’Neal on overdose.

Tatum O’Neal on overdose

What Happened After Tatum O’Neal On Overdose?

Tatum O’Neal, who won an Oscar for her role in Paper Moon, has talked about a scary health scare that nearly killed her.
“I almost died,” the 59-year-old actress told PEOPLE in an interview on Wednesday. She said that a drug overdose gave her a stroke and put her in a coma for six weeks in May 2020.
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During the COVID-19 pandemic, O’Neal, who has been open about her drug use for a long time, started taking painkillers and arthritis drugs that were given to her for back and neck pain and rheumatoid arthritis. A friend found her in her Century City apartment after she had overdosed on a mix of painkillers, heroin, and morphine. She was rushed to a hospital in California.
Because of this, O’Neal was identified with aphasia, a brain-damage disorder that can affect language skills and has turned actor Bruce Willis into a person with dementia while she was in the hospital getting better.
Kevin McEnroe, the oldest of O’Neal’s three children with tennis legend John McEnroe, said his mother had “cardiac arrest and several seizures” after the attack. “There were times when we didn’t think she would make it,” he said. “At times, it was touch and go. I had to call my brother and sister to tell them she might be blind, deaf, and never talk again.

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McEnroe thought his mother “had become very isolated” during the coronavirus spread. “It was getting scary with the addition of morphine and stronger drugs. COVID, long-term pain, and other things lead to a place where the person is alone. I don’t think there was much hope for her there.”
O’Neal also talked about how her drug use has changed her. She’s been to several rehab centres because drug use has hurt her strength, memory, and ability to read and write. “I’ve been through a lot,” she told him.
Since the overdose in 2020, doctors closely watch O’Neal and go to therapy daily to help her remember things.

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