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Is G’iah Dead in Secret Invasion Episode 3 and Why Gravik Shot Her?

Is G'iah Dead in Secret Invasion

Is G'iah Dead in Secret Invasion

As advertised, Secret Invasion is a “pretty dark” show full of suspense and gritty realism. Fury’s hidden Skrull wife is acting in mysterious ways, and the formation of super Skrulls adds another layer of complexity. G’iah’s (Emilia Clarke) sudden demise in this episode was the most recent “what the hell just happened now” moment.

It is revealed in the third episode that she has been putting her life at risk while posing as Gravik’s right-hand working covertly for Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) and Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). Unfortunately, the double life caught up with her when she tried to aid her father and Fury by providing intelligence about an impending missile strike against the UN’s jet.

Gravik’s attempt to unleash the strike and plunge humanity into a new global war was thwarted. Something about the Skrull general’s demeanor as he stops G’iah from escaping seems too calm and collected, considering how badly things have gone. He’s just a sociopath at heart, I guess.

He reasoned that the unsuccessful launch was actually beneficial because it exposed the mole in his camp, so he hadn’t lost much. G’iah didn’t seem to care that she was being shot at. Instead, she demanded that he look at her and identify himself as either a Skrull commander or “our worst enemy.”

She had just finished her sentence when she was knocked back by the force of the gunshot. Conclusion reached. That’s exactly what we thought. There is no way to reverse that decision.

Is G’iah Dead in Secret Invasion?

Is G’iah Dead in Secret Invasion in Episode 3

As we saw in the pilot episode when fan favorite Maria Hill was killed off, Secret Invasion makes a point of showing that it is prepared to sacrifice some big main players. So when it looked like G’iah was about to meet the same destiny, we assumed the wound was fatal.

And just in case anyone was still confused, the Marvel camera crew panned over her torso, now in Skrull shape, to dispel any doubts. Even as she lay lifeless and cold, crimson blood continued to spurt forth from the center of her chest.

Looking back at the trailer, we can see that G’iah appears in future episodes. In an alternate timeline, we first see her hunched over someone else, protecting them from the circling helicopters.

Since we can’t see her face, we could be tempted to disregard it. Later in the trailer, she has a more intimate exchange with Fury, during which she informs him, “You don’t know what they have planned for you.” This statement makes her fate much clearer.

Take a look at the below tweet about G’iah death in Secret Invasion Episode 3:

Later, she appears to be fighting a woman with lush afro hair who resembles Fury’s Skrull wife… But we won’t take a wild stab in the dark. At this point, it’s good enough to know that Gravik (Kingsley Ben-Adir) will undoubtedly have hell to pay for what he’s put her through and that there is still more of G’iah to come.

Talos may appear to be a peacemaker, but as the knife in Gravik’s hand demonstrated, when it comes to his daughter, all bets are off. Secret Invasion episodes 1-3 are now streaming on Disney+ and fresh episodes will be added every Wednesday moving forward.

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Why Gravik Shot G’iah in Episode 3 of Secret Invasion?

Why Gravik Shot G’iah in Episode 3 of Secret Invasion

After learning that G’iah was a double agent working for her father, Talos, Gravik shot her. Someone was crossing over to Skrulls working with humans, the commander of the Skrull insurrection thought. G’iah (Kingsley Ben-Adir) texted her father that Gravik (himself) intended to bring down a United Nations jet to find the spy.

G’iah’s assistance is crucial in thwarting the missile airstrike planned by Talos and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). Talos orders G’iah to flee New Skrullos, but her attempt to do so is foiled when Gravik tracks her down.

Gravik, holding a gun to her head, claims that identifying the traitor was the most crucial component of his operation. Gravik is the Skrulls’ worst enemy, therefore G’iah tells him to look at her while he fires the bullet.

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