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The Idol Finale Subverts Expectations with Tedros as The Victim

The Idol Finale

The Idol Finale

The conclusion of HBO’s divisive series The Idol throws a wrench into the plot that the first four episodes seemed to be telling. As seen in Season 5, Episode 5’s “Jocelyn Forever,” Lily-Rose Depp’s pop star persona was in control the whole time, despite her claims in earlier episodes that she was being controlled by Tedros (Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye).

A lot of people, after seeing the first few episodes, will conclude that this person is taking advantage of her, Depp stated in a documentary about the filming of the series climax. To paraphrase, “By the end, he realizes that she knows exactly what he’s doing and she knows exactly what she’s doing.”

At the beginning of the episode, tensions are high since Jocelyn has turned antagonistic toward Tedros. She has cut him off from her inner group, and the prospect of being powerless has him unraveling. Jocelyn’s group, meanwhile, needs clarification.

She puts on quite a show for her tour promoter when he comes to her house to negotiate the tour, stating that she has been nurturing numerous musicians that Tedros found and insisting that they will open for her.

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Tedros apparently vanishes at Jocelyn’s request after being paid by her manager Chaim, so his reappearance at her SoFi Stadium concert six weeks later raises concerns.

A performer’s badge is waiting for him at the front desk. After reconciling backstage, she introduces him to the audience as “the love of her life,” much to the chagrin of her managers. It turns out that she was plotting this the whole time.

The Idol

“Jocelyn is incredibly strategic and thoughtful. She has a clear idea of what she wants and will do anything to obtain it, as Depp put it. “Tedros was her inspiration, and she drew inspiration from him.”

Creator Sam Levinson elaborated, adding, “Jocelyn has been looking for ideas throughout the season. She wants to put herself in an awkward situation for the sake of creating new music. Tedros serves as a key that unlocks the creative potential. If you listen to Levinson, Jocelyn “needs to devour those around her to feel like she has something to say,” and Tedros has “become the victim.”

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One of the rare episodes to take place in locations other than Jocelyn’s house is the series finale. The episode’s closing scenes were filmed at SoFi Stadium on The Weeknd’s own After Hours tour. Levinson clarified that they were able to record Depp’s onstage remarks during the concert’s opening set, but that they were pressed for time.

We essentially film in front of a live audience of seventy thousand people. We’ve got a couple of tries,” he remarked. The concert happened on a Friday and a Saturday night. Either we understand it or we don’t.

“I was definitely anxious about going out there, but I just tried to put on my Jocelyn hat,” she admitted. It was one of the most out-there things I’ve ever done. After going through everything this season has to offer, she finally has a sense of peace with herself.

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