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Did Nick Fury Married a Skrull in Secret Invasion? Secrets Exposed!

Did Nick Fury Married a Skrull

Did Nick Fury Married a Skrull

Secret Invasion is altering the origin story of a major Marvel Cinematic Universe player. After two episodes, it is clear that Secret Invasion is not going to be a tame drama.

The show is a nerve-wracking suspense drama that delves into the complexities of international politics in a superhero-filled universe. In addition, Secret Invasion gives viewers a better look at Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and the character’s mysterious Marvel covert work.

Did Nick Fury Marry a Skrull in Secret Invasion Episode 2?

Secret Invasion subtly but progressively rewrites Fury’s background in the MCU, adding compassion to the character through the revelation of his secrets. The revelation that Fury is married to a Skrull (played by Latanya Richardson) at the end of Episode 2 brings this home even further.

Nick Fury Wife as Skrull

The name of Nick Fury’s wife is Priscilla. Priscilla seemed to like spending her time chopping cucumbers and listening to the soothing music of Otis Redding in her lovely modernist home. When Fury arrives at his house there, he runs into his wife, who immediately mocks him for not wearing his wedding band.

However, we can see that the woman is a Skrull who quickly shapeshifts into a human a few seconds before Fury sees his wife. New and exciting opportunities have just arisen for Secret Invasion and Nick Fury as a result of this scene.

The release date of Secret Invasion episode 3 is confirmed, if you want to know when it will be available to watch you can check out our below post:

Does Nick Fury Realize that his wife “Priscilla” is a Skrull?

It is not yet known whether Nick is aware that his wife is a Skrull. However, it would be a logical leap to assume that Nick is unaware that Priscilla is a Skrull given that she was chopping vegetables in her Skrull form and then changed back into her human skin just as Nick arrived home.

Ali Selim the director said:

“In the script, he knows and when we shót it, it was interesting that maybe he didn’t know. We ultimately edited it in a way that made people feel like, ‘I wonder if he knows or not.’ I can’t tease anything forward about his wife. The conversation in the lobby after the premiere the other night was, ‘Does he know she’s a Skrull? Or does he not?’ And I think either way works.”

We will soon discover more about her role, according to Selim, who also promised to let us know if they truly decided to follow the screenplay.

Did Nick Fury Married a Skrull

Since we saw earlier in the show that she had some sort of connection to Gravik earlier in the episode, if Fury genuinely knows that his wife is a Skrull, it might throw a wrench into preparations. If he is unaware, his intentions will be further complicated.

Selim continued:

“I think his wife is a support and a complication and I think you will learn interesting things about their relationship…going forward, But ultimately, that is the personal issue that he needs to confront to make this make sense to him.”

Fury’s goal is going to become very personal, the speaker concluded. There are internal and external components to the mission. I believe Nick Fury must defeat a foe and the reason for this is that Nick Fury is the one who must defeat the foe because he promised to do so, thus creating the foe. It is personal because of this.

Director continued:

“I think that also is what makes this a more human Marvel story and a more dark psychological Marvel story.”

The Skrull Invasion has already grown larger than Fury had anticipated. For more information related to these kinds of topics you can follow our Twitter account and check out our latest posts.

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