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What was Darren Drozdov Cause of Deἀth? WWE Móurns the Loss of a Wrestling Legend

What was Darren Drozdov Cause of Death

What was Darren Drozdov Cause of Death

Droz, whose real name was Darren Adrian Drozdov, was an American essayist, football player, and professional wrestler who dἰed on June 30, 2023. After a brief stint in the NFL and CFL, he decided to pursue a career in professional wrestling instead.

His stint in the WWF, first under the ring moniker Puke (a nickname from his football days) and later under the shorter version of his surname, is what really made him famous. Injυred in the neck from a failed wrestling move, Drozdov became a quadriplegic but eventually regained control of his upper torso and arms. You can read details about Darren Drozdov’s cause of deἀth below.

What was Darren Drozdov Cause of Deἀth?

Darren Drozdov Cause of Death

The WWE has confirmed the deἀth of former wrestler and NFL player Darren Drozdov, who was 54 years old. In a press release on Friday 30 June, the WWE confirmed Drozdov’s deἀth and praised him for being “an imposing force in the ring.”

Known as Puke and Droz in the ring, Drozdov was a significant contender for WWE, the wrestling promotion stated, and he was a “gifted athlete” long before he started wrestling. Drozdov played football at Maryland before spending time with the New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles, and Denver Broncos of the National Football League.

The WWE said that a family statement confirmed Drozdov dἰed of natural causes. According to his family, the wrestler became a quadriplegic after a “trἀgic ring accident” in 1999 while performing for the WWE.

Despite being paralyzed from the neck down for the past 24 years, “Droz maintained a championship mindset and lived every day to the fullest,” his family said in a statement.

Drozdov’s family quoted the athlete reflecting on his outlook on life:

“There is always another day. Just because I’m paralyzed and stuck in a wheelchair, doesn’t mean my life is over. I’ve learned to live again, and my life is far from over.”

“You all gave him meaning, purpose and something to live for,” says the statement. “He loved each and every one of you and cherished the conversations, notes and letters he received. His faith in humanity never faltered, so know that for all the love you’ve shown him, he loved you back.”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, an actor and professional wrestler, wrote on Twitter that he still thought of Drozdov as one of his “ring brothers.”

We were on many cards together as wrestlers. This guy is seriously cool. Outstanding personality and wrestling skills. Football and fishing seemed to dominate our conversations. Praying for his family, sending them love, strength, mana, and light. “Rest in peace, bro,” Johnson penned.

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Prior to his career in wrestling, Drozdov played football for the Denver Broncos in 1993 and 1994. On Friday, the team tweeted that they were “saddened” by the news of his pἀssing.

Broncos teammate Drozdov “embodied the spirit of perseverance & determination through adversity, and our hearts go out to his family,” the team wrote.

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