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BTS’s Jungkook Announces His Debut Solo Album’s Release Date

Jungkook Solo Album Release Date

Jungkook Solo Album Release Date

Fans are getting ready to go crazy for another member of BTS who plans to release a solo album later this year. The long-awaited solo album by Jungkook is scheduled for release this summer.

Sports Chosun, a South Korean news outlet, stated this past weekend that Jungkook’s album would be released in July. However, Big Hit, Music told-

“We will make an announcement once the release schedule for Jungkook’s solo album has been confirmed.”

You can take a look at the below tweet for more information:

So, while a release date has been planned, it’s not set in stone. There has been a long wait for Jungkook’s solo debut album, but it hasn’t stopped him from remaining active with the release of several solo tunes.

Drake is back with his new album For All The Dogs and poetry book. Know more details about the album below:

In addition to his musical endeavors, Jungkook has branched out into the fashion industry by joining BLACKPINK’s Jennie as the newest global ambassador for Calvin Klein. On July 14, fans can expect to hear Jungkook’s long-awaited first solo album. Keep an eye out for further details as the release date draws near.

Jungkook also confirmed his solo album in his live:

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