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Are Jack And Aesha Still Together… Did They Split Up?

Are Jack And Aesha Still Together

Are Jack And Aesha Still Together

Aesha Scott has appeared in not one, but two Below Deck series, and she is now starring in another series mainstay, Galley Talk.

The yachtie’s personal life is just as interesting as her on-screen adventures, if not more so. In an exclusive interview with The Daily Dish, Aesha discusses her romantic history and current status. To know more details about their relationship read the full post.

When did Jack and Aesha’s Relationship Start?

Aesha and Jack Sitrrup had a boat romance in Season 4 of Below Deck Mediterranean, but their love didn’t survive long once they were back on solid ground. Why? Aesha implied that Jack had been cheating on her during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in July 2016.

The current status of their relationship is “totally fine,” Aesha assured. He did travel to France to personally apologize to me, and as we had always gotten along so well before, I didn’t see the purpose in harboring any lingering resentment. I just let it go and decided to forgive him.

Are Aesha and Jack Still Together?

No Ayesha and Jack are not together as of now. We split up, Jack said on the season four reunion program. When I arrived home, I realized it had all been staged and wasn’t really life. I gave it some thinking and then decided to call it a day.

However, that didn’t quite square with Aesha’s account of the situation. Jack allegedly told her he wanted her to visit London so she could meet his family, but he urged her to wait to make travel arrangements until after he attended a wedding, giving the excuse that he already had too many relatives staying with him.

Our expectations for these two were high. Indeed, we did. Unfortunately, the couple’s relationship did not survive once production for Below Deck Med concluded.

And the next thing I knew, because I realized that his then—I didn’t realize—suddenly girlfriend again, was watching my Instagram Stories,” Aesha stated in the show’s after-action report. So I checked her Stories and sure enough, there she is, riding the fucking train with him to the wedding and then enjoying the festivities alongside him. The thought crossed my mind, “Holy s***, how can you be this fυcking mean to someone?” It really was a kick in the gut.

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When confronted by Aesha, Jack admitted to seeing another woman during their relationship. (Aesha speculates that Jack and his other girlfriend split up before filming Below Deck Med and reconciled once he returned to England.) Aesha obviously ended their relationship with him.

Aesha said:

“He doesn’t deal with things like adults should deal with things; he runs away from things.”

“I think he just gets too caught up in the moment, and he doesn’t think about the future and the consequences.

And then he probably went home and was like, ‘Oh, fuck, that’s right. I’ve got this other girl here.’ Like, ‘what have I done’ kind of thing… If he said like, ‘Oh, let’s not do anything.’ But instead of that, he was just like, ‘I’m just gonna run away from it and bury my head and pretend it hasn’t happened.'”

For Aesha, that means goodbye to her ex and hello to her new boyfriend. Bravo claims that her new beau is an adventurer by the name of Scotty Dobbo. She has made her relationship with him public on Instagram.

She has shared many posts on her Instagram with Scotty Dobbo:

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