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Is the News of Park Seo Joon and xooos Dἀtἰng True or Just Fans Rumors?

Park Seo Joon and xooos Dἀtἰng

Park Seo Joon and xooos Dἀtἰng

Actor Park Seo Joon, who is well-known throughout the world is rumored to be dἀtἰng YouTuber Kim Soo Yeon, commonly known as xooos. Here is all the information you require regarding Park Seo Joon, his rumored YouTuber girlfriend xooos and their romantic relationship.

Is Park Seo Joon Currently in a Relationship With xooos?

Actor Park Seo Joon has regained fame after experiencing a meteoric rise because of his standout new roles in “Concrete Utopia” movie. The bombshell news that actor Park Seo Joon had been dἀtἰng well-known South Korean YouTuber xooos (Kim Soo Yeon) was suddenly disclosed.

Fans of Korea have discovered hints and proof that the two musicians are connected. Park Seo Joon and xooos were allegedly photographed together in London while sporting similar shoes. That’s why fans think that they are in a relationship.

Park Seo Joon and xooos

Additionally, they noticed strange social media behavior between the two artists and their close friends. But a stranger fact is that as of yet Park Seo Joon and xooos do not follow each other on Instagram despite spending time in London together and interacting frequently.

You can check out their official account to know the truth, YouTuber’s Instagram account is xooos_ and Park Seo Joon Instagram account is bn_sj2013.

A Twitter user named @hityouwidthatd4, a representative of the South Korean entertainment sector said:

“The pair seems to share a significant bond, enabling them to facilitate introductions by their respective circles of friends. Meanwhile their friend circle.”

The agencies for Seo-Joon and Xooos did not respond to reports of their relationship. The agency said:

“It is difficult to confirm facts related to our artist’s personal life. We’re sorry. Please kindly understand. It is difficult to confirm.”

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What Did Park Seo-Joon Say About the Dἀtἰng News?

The actor will appear in the film “Concrete Utopia”. So there is a press conference in which actor Park finally spoke out about rumors that he was dἀting YouTuber xooos, real name Hong Soo Yeon.

Seo-joon expressed his feelings during a press conference on Wednesday, June 21, 2023. He admitted that he initially believed the news about him was related to the movie. But the news is related to his personal life.

He said:

“I heard that there was such news belatedly as there is a project I’m currently filming now. The first thought I had was a lot of people are interested in me.”

“I’m grateful for the attention, but in my case, I tend to feel greatly burdened by opening up my private life to the public and since this is a personal matter, I think it will be difficult for me to particularly comment.”

According to his statement, we can say that Park Seo Joon is focusing on his career. He is not in a relationship with xooos.

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