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George Frazier Cause Of Deἀth: Sportswriter Who Chronicled Boston’s Golden Age, Dἰes At 68

George Frazier Cause of Deἀth

George Frazier Cause of Deἀth

Former major league pitcher and club announcer George Frazier pἀssed away on June 19, 2023. The Colorado Rockies released a statement expressing their sincere sorrow and condolences for Frazier’s pἀssing.

At the time of his deἀth, he was 68 years old. He pἀssed away in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His exact cause of deἀth is unknown, but he had been battling with an undisclosed illness.

While playing in the major leagues for ten years, Frazier played for the Cardinals, Yankees, Indians, Cubs and Twins. Throughout his playing career, he appeared in two World Series, the first with the Yankees in 1981 and the second in 1987 when the Twins triumphed.

George Frazier

In the 1981 World Series, which the Yankees lost to the Dodgers in six games, Frazier was held accountable for three losses. Frazier played in 140 games over three seasons while in The Bronx, recording a 3.25 ERA. Frazier won the coveted World Series ring in his final season in the major leagues.

In Game 4 of the seven-game series against St. Louis, he made one bullpen appearance for the Twins, allowing just one hit over two innings while striking out one batter. Frazier never made a start in his 10-year career and finished 35-43 with a 4.20 ERA.

Frazier joined the Colorado broadcast team in 1998 after his playing career came to an end and he remained there until 2015.

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People are showing condolences toward the star on social media by retweeting the Colorado Rockies tweet:

One user wrote, “RIP to former Sooner and baseball broadcast great talent, George Frazier.”

One fan of the star tweeted, “Ryan I am so sorry to hear of the death of George Frazier.”

George Frazier’s cause Of deἀth is unknown yet. When we have official confirmation of his deἀth, we will share it with you. Till then you can follow our Twitter account and check out our latest posts related to other latest updates.

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