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Who is Hamish Harding Wife? Meet the Spouse of “Guinness” World Record Holder

Who is Hamish Harding Wife

Who is Hamish Harding Wife

British entrepreneur Hamish Harding is also an aviator, explorer, and space traveler. Action Group, an international aircraft brokerage firm based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, was founded by him, and he serves as its chairman.

Harding has broken three records that were recognized by Guinness. The flight mission One More Orbit, for which Harding served as both mission director and crew pilot on July 9-11, 2019, now holds the record for the fastest airplane circumnavigation of Earth over both geographic poles.

Harding’s 1964 birthplace was the city of Edinburgh in Scotland. He earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of St. Andrews.

After finishing college, he moved to London to pursue a career in financial analysis. Action Group, a corporation that offers aviation services to both businesses and individuals, was created in 1992 thanks in large part to his efforts.

Harding holds a commercial pilot’s license and has experience flying a wide range of aircraft, from jets to helicopters to gliders. Additionally, he has explored some of the world’s deepest shipwrecks as a qualified scuba diver. Are you interested in reading about Hamish Harding wife? Then you can scroll down the post:

Who is Hamish Harding’s Wife?

Linda Harding is the name of Harding’s wife. Rory and Giles are their children. In addition to being a British citizen, Linda and her family now call Dubai home. She’s a homemaker who encourages her husband’s wanderlust.

They’ve been married for a long time, yet Hamish and Linda are still as close as ever. They are an encouraging couple who have brought up two brave and inquisitive young men.

Since Linda values her privacy, she rarely gives interviews. She has, however, been quoted as saying that she is proud of her husband’s achievements and that she will always remain by his side.

Hamish Harding’s Wife Linda

The submersible Harding and four others were traveling in vanished while exploring the Titanic ruins. The Titan submersible was only 45 minutes into its Sunday morning dive when it lost touch with the Polar Prince research vessel.

You must also be well aware of the name Tim Anderson. But do you know who is his wife? You can read out all details below post:

The crew’s fate has not been revealed, and the search for the submersible continues. Harding is a famous explorer with three World Records to his name and a history of space travel. He also serves as chairman of the aviation company Action Aviation.

His stepson, Brian Szasz, posted on Facebook that his dad was scuba diving at the time the sub lost communication with the surface.

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