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James Yoblonski Missing Wisconsin: Authorities Investigate Disappearance Near Devil’s Lake

James Yoblonski Missing Wisconsin

James Yoblonski Missing Wisconsin

Authorities in south-central Wisconsin are searching for a 13-year-old kid who may be at or close to Devil’s Lake State Park. James Yoblonski, according to the Sauk County Sheriff’s Office, drove away from home on Monday (12 June) night in a family car, which was subsequently found on U.S. Highway 12. Authorities have been informed by the boy’s relatives that a firearm in the house is also missing.

Although it is unknown if the boy has the gυn, the Sheriff’s Office modified its search strategy as a result of the information. The northern portion of the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area and the westernmost portion of Devil’s Lake State Park are both being searched.

The sheriff’s office tweeted on Tuesday morning that they are still looking and that many people in the neighborhood have donated food, water, and energy drinks to aid the search efforts of the authorities. The department is currently collaborating with numerous police and fire agencies in the search for Yoblonski but has not requested assistance from the general public.

On Tuesday in the late afternoon, a campground was discovered, but Yoblonski was not there. Search officials stopped looking on Tuesday night (13 June), but they plan to resume their search on Wednesday (14 June) when it is possible to see well.

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Reduced Police Presence in Sauk County During the Search for James Yoblonski

Police looking for the missing James Yoblonski

James Yoblonski, a 13-year-old boy who has gone missing, is currently being searched for by fewer law enforcement agents because they think he does not want to be found.

Patrol Lieutenant Steven Schram of the Sauk County Sheriff’s Office, during the search on Friday, they discovered a second campsite, a jug of water, socks, and a knife sheath that they think belonged to Yoblonski.

Because there are no squads behind Schram-

“We feel like our increased presence at this point could just keep pushing him further and further away. That’s what we’re taking into account.”

He might be attempting to elude us to realize his dream to live off the grid. Yoblonski is still alive and can acquire food and water. They currently want to keep looking through the weekend and into the next week.

You can also check out the below video relating to the search for James Yoblonski:

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